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5 Honeymoon Destinations for Adventure Lovers

by Aubrey Bach
5 Honeymoon Destinations for Adventure Lovers

For most people, the most daring thing they want to do on their honeymoon is walk barefoot on hot sand. But if you and your partner crave action, why ignore the call of the wild? These honeymoon destinations for adventure lovers will help you make your honeymoon the adventure of a lifetime — and many are cheaper than an over-crowded all-inclusive beach resort.

1. Ski or bike Whistler, BC, Canada

Just 1.5 hours north of Vancouver, Whistler is an adventure-lover’s paradise regardless of the season. If you’re planning a winter wedding, Whistler is a world-class ski resort with two mountains full of trails and gourmet restaurants, cocktail bars and plenty of hot-tubs for apres-ski sexy time. And when (most of) the snow melts, Whistler becomes a world-class mountain biking resort from May to September. Whether you bike, hike, raft or camp, Whistler in the summer is not only extra-affordable (seriously, accommodations can be 1/3 the cost of winter prices), it’s breathtakingly beautiful and has an adventure for everybody. (And the restaurants, bars and hot tubs all work year round.) BONUS: The Scandinave Spa in Whistler is not only the best way to relax in all of the Great White North, it’s co-ed, so you and your new spouse can relax together before and after your massages.

2. Road Trip through New Zealand

Anybody can stay in a luxury hotel, but the couple that camps together stays together. If you both love the open road as much as you love one another, take the long flight to Kiwi country and rent a camper to explore the ins and outs of this small but breathtaking island nation. Options range from rustic to luxury, so you can find the perfect place to start your life together. Not only will boondocking across the countryside give you the most unique perspective possible, but you’ll never feel tied down by schedules, since you are in total control of your destiny. BONUS: Whether you’re camping or glamping, you’ll know that if your marriage can handle this much quality time together, you can survive anything.

3. Sail the Galapagos Islands, Ecuador

If getting up close and personal with some of the most unique wildlife in the world sounds like something you’d love, why not explore the Galapagos with the person you love during your honeymoon? Follow the routes that inspired Charles Darwin and stay in eco-lodges, or take a cruise to voyage by sea. (And don’t worry – on a Galapagos cruise, you’ll sip cocktails over a talk on evolutionary biology instead of during the all-ship talent show). BONUS: You can invent your own drinking game — take a shot every time somebody sees a marine iguana!

4. Surf Todos Santos, Mexico

Sure, anybody can take beginning surfing classes in Waikiki, but if you aren’t paddlepusses, head to Todos Santos in Baja California for a tubular honeymoon. Todos Santos is a still a quiet town nothing like nearby crowded Cabo San Lucas, and it’s home to sweet waves, good food and a handful of resorts that are perfect for surfers and romantics. BONUS: Plan your trip between December and April and you’ll likely see humpback whales as they migrate.

5. Do everything in Kauai, Hawaii

Can’t get the dream of a Hawaiian honeymoon out of your mind, but dread the crowds and corporate stink of Waikiki? Then get thee to Kauai, where you can embark on just about any adventure you want. Soar in a helicopter above the mountains that inspired Jurassic Park; scale jungle cliffs; dive in crystal clear waters or kayak through river and ocean waters — the possibilities on this tiny island are endless. BONUS: No passport? No problem.

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