Exact Name Matching For Your Wedding RSVPs

    We know how important privacy is to a lot of our couples, so we're continually rolling out new features that make it easier for you to keep your wedding website sealed tight!

    We just launched a new feature: Strict Name Matching. What does that mean? It means that you have the option to require a strict name match for your wedding RSVPs. In other words, those people who are on your Guest List will be able to RSVP to your wedding.

    To find this option, you want to navigate to your Guest List. You’ll notice a gear icon on the upper right side of the Guest List, next to where you can send invites & messages and add new guests. Click on that gear and you’ll see two options: Allow Any Guest To Add +1s and Restrict RSVP to Guest List.

    When you enable (by checking the box) Restrict RSVP to Guest List, all guests who try to RSVP will have to match exactly to the name on the Guest List. For example, Chris Smith will only match if he enters his name as Chris Smith. Christopher Smith is not an exact match, and if he tries to RSVP that way, he’ll have the option to send you an email and ask for verification. (The Strict Name Match is not case sensitive, however, so if he enters chris instead of Chris it will match.)

    Two additional things to note here: First, if you opt into the Strict Name Match, you have to provide both first and last names in your Guest List. Second, if there are two people on your Guest List with the same first and last name, the tie breaker will be an email address. So if you have two John Smiths, ensure that you also include their email addresses in your Guest List.

    What do you think?

    Are you planning to use our Strict Name Match? If not, why? We want to hear about how you’re using Joy to invite your guests!



    Cali Pitchel

    Cali Pitchel is Joy’s Director of Marketing. She lives in San Francisco with her soon-to-be-husband and three houseplants. She was born in Boston, raised in Arizona, is a voracious reader, a lover of the great outdoors, and a photography junkie.