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Introduce your Wedding Party with Joy

by Erica Cheung
Introduce your Wedding Party with Joy

Whether you’re having a single maid of honor/best man or a 12 person I Do Crew, it’s nice to acknowledge their role in making your day come together. Each person you’ve chosen for your wedding party was chosen for a reason, so introducing them on your wedding website (after asking of course!) will make them feel super special (not to mention be helpful and fun for your guests). After all, aren’t weddings about bringing friends and family closer together?

Thanks to our relentless team, now you can do just that, and add your wedding party to your Joy wedding website and app!


If you already have a Joy wedding, go to to see your wedding. Click on the gear icon on your wedding to open your admin dashboard and use ‘Add More Pages’ to add ‘Wedding Party’. If you haven’t created a Joy wedding yet, create one now. Or tell a friend whose getting married! (And yes, it’s free!)

Open up the ‘Wedding Party’ page and click ‘Add’ to create a new profile. Get creative and include your ‘Friend of Honor’ or a ‘Best Sister’ if that’s what you’re having. We made this section super flexible so you can customize it however you want — we know no wedding’s the same. Some of our couples add their parents to the Wedding Party section as well. (Pro tip: Add a photo to make it more personal.)

The only pieces of information required in this section are Name and Title. If you feel like entering a short explanation of who the person is in your life, an embarrassing story to make up for the equally embarrassing toast they’re sure to give, or a heartfelt message about why they’re important to you, go ahead in the “Intro” portion!

We found that some of our couples wanted to invite their wedding party before the rest of their guests, so we included an easy email invite option here. Check ‘Invite’ to send your maid of honor, for example, an invite to join your Joy wedding when you add them to your wedding party. Once they join, you can even make them an admin so that they can upload their own photo, write their own bios, or help you fill out other details on your site! (Click here to find out how.)


Introduce your wedding party on your website...

Introduce your wedding party on your website…

...or let your guests get to know your Wedding Party on the Joy app!

…or let your guests get to know your Wedding Party on the Joy app!


I hope you all have fun trying it out and as always, we’re excited to hear what our savvy brides and their guests think. Tell us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or in the comment section below!

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