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How To Control Who Sees What on Joy

by Cali Pitchel
How To Control Who Sees What on Joy

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Your Joy wedding website & event password

When you create your Joy wedding website, you automatically get issued a random, unique six-digit event password. You can find your event password at the top of your admin dashboard, (aka /edit page) by clicking on the “Share” button on the upper right side of the page:

And you can change your password (yes you can customize your password to what you want!) from your Settings page, under the “Security & Privacy” tab:

Why do we use event passwords? We use event passwords to allow you to control the level of privacy. (In other words, we err on the side of privacy.) You can choose not to use the event password if you’re not interested in a private wedding website, by changing your privacy mode to “public” on the “Security & Privacy tab” (in Settings).

If you do so, guests will not have to enter a password to access your website. Your Joy wedding website will be open for anyone who has the event handle. Additionally, please note that your guests will also need your event handle, e.g., jacklovesjill, to find your wedding in the Joy mobile app.

Custom Privacy Settings

Let’s say you want your Registry and Story pages visible for all to see, but you want to password protect your wedding schedule. You’re in luck! There is a way to control the custom privacy of your website, and you can do it from the “Security & Privacy” tab in Settings as well. Once you choose “Custom” from the options under “Privacy Mode” you will see the ability to toggle on/off the password requirement for each page:

Mobile App Privacy Settings

You can get a bit more specific with the privacy settings on your Joy wedding app. On the Security & Privacy tab on the left-hand side, you’ll see a section called  “App Settings.” From there, you can do things like allow (or not allow) guests to invite other people to your Joy wedding app, allow (or not allow) guests to see other guests in the app, and lastly, you can decide whether or not you want your guests to be able to share your photos to their social media accounts like Facebook or Instagram.

Tell us more!

What do you think of Joy’s privacy settings? We always want to hear from our couples about what we can do better or differently. Do you want more options for privacy? Tell us what you think!

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