5 of the Most Unique and Dreamy San Francisco Wedding Photographers

    cassie valente photography san francisco photographer

    At Joy we believe engagement and wedding photos play an important role in showcasing the celebration of love! Whether you want to use engagement photos for you invitations, Instagram or on your wedding website, we've got your photography needs covered.

    The Bay Area is alive with artistic talent of al kinds. When it comes to finding the right photographer for your Northern California wedding, that means you’ll have plenty of incredible photographers to choose from. With some serious research, we have gone through and found 5 of the most unique and dreamy San Francisco wedding photographers to capture your big day!


    Irina Ventresca Photography

    Bold and romantic with deep earthy tones

    irina vetresca san Francisco photographer


    Irina Ventresca is a romantic documentary style wedding photographer in the San Francisco area.  

    Her Philosophy: “I don’t want to be just another vendor checked off your list; I want to be a trusted friend who you can count on to make this one of the most memorable experiences you will have. I put my whole heart into my work and my couples and absolutely love what I do.”

    What she looks for in a client: “My work is completely centered around each unique relationship and connection. I never pose my couples but rather just give general direction, which I believe leaves room for the couple’s personality to shine through. Every story is important and unique, and my job is to seek it out, understand it, and capture it in all its beauty.”

    irena ventresca san Francisco photographer


    Bonus: All of Irina’s wedding packages come with a free engagement session included!


    Danya Chen Photography

    Bright and contemporary

    danya chen photography san Francisco photographer

    Danya Chen is a photographer in San Francisco who loves using natural light to embody the moment and capture intimate moments between their clients.

    Their Philosophy: “While the photos you’ll receive are very important, your experience with your photographer is also extremely important!”

    What they look for in future clients: “ We strive to create an exciting and comfortable experience for our clients. It would be really hard to capture romantic and happy emotions when you’re uncomfortable or unhappy during your session.”

    danya chen photography san Francisco photographer


    Bonus: Their wedding packages include both wedding and engagement coverage.

    Cate Beth Photography

    Light, airy film look meets dark and moody vibe

    cate beth photo san Francisco photographer


    Based in San Francisco, Cate Beth’s style is a mix of that light, airy film look and the dark and moody vibe you often find in San Francisco.

    Her Philosophy: “I obviously love the beautiful poses but I ADORE the photos of the sweet, candid moments as they happen. I try to capture everything as authentic to the moment it happened, from the lighting to the laughter! My photography is a unique blend of timeless and modern. You’re going to get those unforgettable, timeless photos that you’ll still love in 40 years but also those emotional candid moments. ”

    What she looks for in clients: “We are going to have SO much fun throughout the day! I keep things light and fun because most people hate being in front of the camera, I definitely do so I can relate! I’ll keep you distracted and smiling the whole time.”

    cate beth photo san francisco photographer


    Bonus: Cate Beth offers bundling discounts within her wedding collections (engagement sessions and wedding albums are discounted if you book them with your wedding). She’s also offering discounted, or even free, travel to select cities and wedding venues that she’s been dying to photograph! Find the travel bucket list on her website to find out more!

    Morgan Leigh Photo

    Classic, bright, and romantic style with a twist of fun

    morgan leigh photography san francisco photographer


    Morgan Leigh Photography really values her relationships with her clients.

    Her Philosophy: “I know I am unique in the way I not only act from initial email, but all the way through until wedding day. I treat my sweet brides as friends from the very first email because let’s get real, planning a wedding is intimidating and usually stressful. I want their experience with me (ESPECIALLY when they are in front of the camera) to be incredible. I want them to know they can trust me and be comfortable.”

    What she looks for in clients: “I love that my couples feel comfortable with me and my camera, capturing natural, real laughs is what I aim to do, of course. The sweet moments are captured as well, but I let those come naturally rather than force couples to be awkward. I try my best to let their photo experience be fun! I have a strength in that I am business-minded and strategic but I am in a creative industry where I get to let that run wild. Having both a methodical and creative mind help me in every aspect of my job but really come out to help photos be unique and reflective of my couples.”

    morgan leigh photography san franscisco


    Bonus: Morgan Leigh will announce giveaways periodically on her social media pages for any wedding deals or engagement session giveaways. Keep an eye out for those!


    Cassie Valente Photography

    Romantic, artful, and honest.

    cassie valente photography san francisco photographer


    Cassie Valente Photography aims to capture memories that feel timeless and effortless.

    Her Philosophy: “It’s my greatest goal that by providing couples with these picture memories, they will look into their own story of love and life, over and over again, for many years to come. It’s okay to feel nervous before having your photos taken, especially if you’ve never done it before! I have a little package of tips and advice that I share with all my couples to help them get the most out of their photos.”

    What she looks for in clients: “Overall, my biggest advice when it comes to getting natural, beautiful images is to simply be yourself. I always let my couples know that it’s my job to help them relax and create the imagery – they just need to show up! In addition, I photograph my sessions on a mix of digital and film formats. I absolutely love showing my clients the magic of shooting traditional medium format film. There’s a ‘look’ to film photographs that I strongly believe won’t ever go out of style. I love harnessing the intention that goes into photographing on film and using it to tell the stories of my couples and their wedding day.”

    cassie valente photography san francisco photographer

    Bonus: Cassie loves the wide and varied experiences that photographing weddings has brought her. She’s gotten the chance to witness incredible celebrations inspired by amazing families, cultures, and stories.


    This Love of Yours Photography

    Classic, romantic, and light-filled

    this love of yours photography san francisco photographer

    This Love of Yours Photography strives to document their couple’s love story in a classic, romantic, light-filled aesthetic.

    Their Philosophy: “We hear from our clients that all our photos look so natural and the couple in the photo looks so happy and relaxed. They, themselves, are really worried because they are just ‘not good’ at taking photos and don’t think their photos will look as good. The funny thing is that the couple in the photo they are looking at said the exact same thing before their own photo shoot with us.”

    What they look for in clients: “Since we like to use organic posing, it lets our clients interact naturally so we can capture the perfect moment.”

    this love of yours photography san francisco photographer

    Bonus: This Love of Yours Photography offers up to 1 hour of travel time from San Francisco with each engagement collection. Farther locations will require a travel fee.

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