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Add Photos to Your Website and App
Updated over a week ago

Ready to sprinkle some of your special moments onto your Joy site? We're all about keeping things simple and fun. If you're not up for the whole professional engagement photo thing, no worries. We bet you and your partner have loads of awesome memories to share with your guests before the big day.

Adding Photos via Your Website

So, let's dive in!

  • Head over to your admin dashboard and give the 'Photos' icon a click.

  • Click 'Add Photos'.

  • And now, the exciting part: Drop those pics onto the page or choose from your device. Psst, you can even nab some from cool spots like Unsplash, Facebook, Dropbox, and Google Photos.

  • Quick tip: Keep those filenames spick and span – no '&' or spaces, please!

And if you're looking to add some special flair to your cover photos – maybe a touch of changing, aligning, or editing – our articles have you covered. Curious about a professional touch from Unsplash? Check out our guide.

Uploading Photos Via the Joy App

Here comes the fun part! If you're on the go, your trusty Joy App is your sidekick, get ready for a photo adventure.

  • Open your event on the app and click 'View as Guest'

  • Spot the Moments Card. Give it a little tap.

  • Hit the plus sign on the next screen.

  • You can pull photos from your Camera, Camera Roll, or even share a friendly message.

Every photo you add via the app will find its spot under the Event Photos tab on your Moments page.

Now, we know fonts and colors are cool, but trust us, these photos? They're the real stars of the show. Upload 'em like there's no tomorrow.

And don't stress about farewells. If you're ever ready to part ways with a photo, our guide, Remove/Delete Photos, has your back.

Still have some questions?

Ask us directly! Click on the black and white chat bubble in the bottom-right corner of this page to ask us your questions, or you can email us at You’ll get a friendly response from someone on our team! 🙂

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