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Add Rental Car Info
Updated over a week ago

When your guests are jetting in, chances are they'll need a set of wheels. (Unless you're in a city like New York, where a subway map feels like a survival tool.)

Whether you've scored a cool car rental deal or you're just making things easy, tuck the details into your "Travel" page:

  • Cruise to the "Travel" section on your admin dashboard by clicking on Edit Pages.

  • Tap 'Add Travel.'

  • Pick the “Rental Car” icon under transportation.

The rental company's info will appear as you type the name. If not, add in the name and address to keep things rolling (the name and address are requirements to save.) Once you're set, hit Save and you're good to go.

So there you have it, the art of making sure your guests have the right set of wheels.

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