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Using Joy For Photos Only
Updated over a week ago

Once upon a time, placing disposable cameras on every table was a genius plan for guests to capture their own wedding day moments. But seriously, do you remember those? They wrecked the look, crashed after one click, and schlepping film? No thanks, let's keep those tucked away forever.

Use Joy to collect your memories instead. And, even if you're skipping every other section of Joy (we won't judge), you can still showcase all of your photos

As your guests snap pics on their trusty phones during your wedding, they can share those gems on your Moments Page via our app. It's like a digital scrapbook, without the glue and glitter mess.

And, if minimalism is your style, you can disable all of your pages except the Moments page so your website becomes a photo album for all of your memories to live.

  • Head to Edit Pages from the admin dashboard.

  • Click on Manage Pages

  • Click on any page.

  • Toggle "Show Page in Menu" off.

  • Rinse and repeat for all of your pages, except Moments, of course.

Ta Da! You have a super minimalist site with just photos:

Oh, and one last thing before you hit the dance floor – make sure your guests know why you’re asking them to download the app.

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