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Changing Your Event Display Name
Updated over a week ago

Joy isn't just a one-trick pony – it's a whole festival of fun for any event under the sun. Even if it's not a wedding stealing the spotlight, we've got your back. The Event Display Name is how the name of your event will be displayed on your site. And hey, couples can jazz up their Event Display Name beyond the usual first names. It's your canvas – paint it your way!

You've got not one, but two places you can update your Event Display Name. Take your pick – the Home Page or the Settings Page.

From the Home Page:

  • Head to the Home Page by clicking 'Edit Pages' on your admin dashboard.

  • There it is – the Event Display Name field, waiting for your creative touch.

From the Settings Page:

  • Tap the "Menu" button (hamburger icon) from the admin dashboard.

  • Scroll down and there it is again.

  • Hit 'Save.' Watch as your guest site dons its new name.

It's all about your event, your name, and your celebration's style.

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