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Renaming Your Guest List Columns
Updated over a week ago

Here's a nifty trick to get your guest list groove on. By default, your guest list columns mimic your RSVP questions. That means if you're throwing out a "Do you have any dietary restrictions?" question, your column is singing the same tune.

RSVP question: "Do you have any dietary restrictions?"

Guest list column name: "Do you have any dietary restrictions?"

Let's streamline your guest list, and add some pizzazz! You can curate shorter, spicier column names. Think of it as changing "Do you have any dietary restrictions?" to the snappier "Dietary Restrictions" or "Tastebud Guidelines."

Pro Tip: If you're collecting responses for multiple shindigs, you can go wild with custom columns. Imagine 'RSVP: Rehearsal Dinner,' 'RSVP: Tea Ceremony,' (for those different event RSVPs), or 'Meal: Rehearsal' and 'Meal: Sangeet' โ€“ you get the drill.

Let's set this up:

  • Click "Manage RSVP" from the admin dashboard.

Click on any questions and spy that "Column Header" field in the lower right corner of the question box.

  • A box will open up and you can get creative. Instead of "Do you have any dietary restrictions, you can rename the column "Tastebud Guidelines." The world is your oyster.

Presto, chango! Mission accomplished. Your guest list struts its stuff with that snazzy new custom column name. And guess what? Joy's cheering you on!

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