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Adding Follow-up Questions To Your RSVP
Adding Follow-up Questions To Your RSVP
Updated over a week ago

Imagine having a smart system that tailors the questions based on your guests' responses. If they're in, they answer all of your questions. If they're out, they don't have to answer extra questions. In this guide, we're bringing to the table the secret sauce of follow-up questions that pop up based on the 'attending' or 'not attending' response.

Let's crank up the excitement with follow-up questions for your RSVPs.

How to set it up

  • Go to your RSVP Questions page from the admin dashboard.

  • Click 'Ask follow-up question' next to your chosen answer.

  • You're in the creative driver's seat now! Choose multiple-choice or text options that link back to the main question's answer. We've even got cool ideas like favorite songs or top-notch eats:

  • And bam! Behold the snazzy green line that links your new question to the original.

Time to paint some scenarios where a follow-up question. might be needed.

  • Scenario 1: Guest A RSVPs with a 'Count Me In' and you swoop in with a follow-up about their food preference.

  • Scenario 2: Guest B goes for a 'Sorry, Can't Make It,' and you gracefully slide in a follow-up, asking if they'd like to share a note or warm wishes.

You're curating an experience that matches their RSVP style. Let's keep the RSVP party rolling!

Still have some questions?

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