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Is It Really OK to Register for Cash? How Can We Make It Feel More Personal?
Is It Really OK to Register for Cash? How Can We Make It Feel More Personal?
Updated over a week ago

Absolutely! Guests can't wait to give you presents that truly matter. And the best gifts are the ones that create lasting memories.

Here are two sweet tips:

  1. Cash in on Cash: Make cash an inviting gift choice. Pair your cash fund with a mix of traditional wedding registry items. Fill your standard registry with classic home, decor, and travel treasures, even if it's just a handful. Then sprinkle in a few cash fund options. This way, guests who adore picking out physical gifts still have plenty to choose from. With Joy, it's a breeze to blend physical presents and cash funds in one fabulous registry.

  2. Craft Mini Adventures: Create bite-sized, personalized cash funds. Guests will be over the moon contributing to specific experiences that light up your hearts. Instead of just a generic "Honeymoon Fund," dream up smaller funds like "Tokyo Tour," "Day Trip to Nara," "Dinner at Sukiyabashi Jiro," "A Visit to the Ghibli Museum," and "Sake Tasting." This way, your guests can chip in for something extraordinary, and you can pen them heartfelt thank-yous for making those memories extra special!

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