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How to Create a Virtual Guest Book Using Joy
How to Create a Virtual Guest Book Using Joy
Updated over a week ago

Ready to give those old-school guest books a run for their money? Get ready to turn the traditional guest book into a digital fiesta! You know those old books where your wedding guests share love, advice, and maybe even a doodle or two? Well, Joy has taken that and given it a digital makeover, making it easy-peasy and a whole lot more fun. Picture this: a virtual guest book that captures all your guests' notes and photos in one digital wonderland.

Here's the catch: for now, your guests can only join the digital party using Joy's mobile app. So, send out a digital drumroll and tell everyone to download the app and jump into your wedding event. It's where the magic happens!

Here's the how

Guests will need to download the Joy app and create an account for iOS or Android.

  • They can click "Find Event" and enter your names or their event handle. The event handle is the last part of the Joy URL. For example, if their URL is, their event handle is amyplusdave.

  • Depending on your settings, they may also be prompted for a password.

  • They'll need to scroll down until they spot the 'Moments' card. Click 'Share a message or photo in our guestbook' and tap the plus sign.

  • Three options will appear at the bottom of the screen: 'Use Camera,' 'Pick Photo,' and 'Post Message.'

    • For the camera lovers, 'Use Camera' gets them snapping.'

    • Pick Photo' lets them choose a gem from their photo stash.

    • If words are your superpower, 'Post Message' allows them to write you a message.

Once your guests start sharing their moments (photos and messages) through the app, it's like a digital party in full swing. Everyone can click the 'image' icon at the bottom of the screen to enjoy a gallery of photos and heartfelt messages. Cue the laughter and awws!

Want to see the photos and messages on your desktop? Head over to the 'Moments' page on your wedding website under the 'Event Photos' tab. There, you'll find the hilarious snapshots and warm wishes.

Pro Tip โ€“ Rename the Party! Feeling creative? You can even change the display title of your 'Moments' page to 'Guest Book' or something totally offbeat. This change will rock both your website and the app. To do this check out this handy guide.

So, let the love and memories flow like digital confetti! Your 'Moments' page will become a virtual guest book that's pure gold. It's your go-to place for instant joy, now and forever, leaving those old-school books in the dust!

Still have some questions?

Ask us directly! Click on the black and white chat bubble in the bottom-right corner of this page to ask us your questions, or you can email us at Youโ€™ll get a friendly response from someone on our team! ๐Ÿ™‚

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