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Change Your Event Password
Updated today

Let's be honest, default passwords can be about as memorable as last year's New Year's resolutions. But fear not! We're about to show you how to add some fun to your event passwords, making them both secure and easy to recall. Say farewell to those complex jumbles of letters and say hello to personalized, guest-friendly passwords.

Ready to switch things up?

Here's the how

  • Go to 'Settings' from your admin dashboard.

  • At the top of Settings, tap on the “Security & Privacy” tab. Sneaky security stuff lives here.

  • Scroll down to the Event Password field.

  • Click "Edit" and type your new password.

Oh, and quick note: If you switch up your password, your pals won't be able to use the old one to peek at your site. So if you've spilled the beans already, give them a heads-up about the change. Or if secrets are your jam, maybe stick with the same password. 😉

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