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Merge Duplicate Guests
Updated over a week ago

Have you found yourself in a guest list guessing game? "Is it Michael or Mike? Survey says... both!" You typed Michael when entering names on your guest list, but they RSVP'd as Mike, and now they're both on the guest list as duplicate entries. Don't sweat it โ€“ our merging feature is here to save the day.

The How

  • Select the duplicate entries. Be sure to select the entry that has the RSVP responses first so they're saved.

  • Hit the "Merge Duplicates" button on the Guest List toolbar.

  • Pro Tip: If the guest is grouped with another guest(s), you'll need to ungroup them first. Select the non-head-of-household guest, then the "Remove from Party."

To Delete or Merge?

Hold off on the delete button, merging's the way to go. Deleting someone you've sent an eCard to or emailed means waving goodbye to the tracking info. When you merge you retain that handy tracking info.
For more sage advice, check out "Remove Individuals from your Guest List"

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