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The URL for the Couple's Website Isn't Working
The URL for the Couple's Website Isn't Working
Updated over a week ago

So, your friends are tying the knot, and they've shared their wedding website link with you. Excitement's in the air, and you're ready to dive into the wedding details. You give their link a go, but you find yourself on a Find A Couple page instead.

Start by giving their names a search. If they're not popping up, there's a chance they've chosen to keep things private. Some couples are all about that privacy vibe, so they've hidden their sites from search results.

Let's tackle this together!

If you received a Save the Date or Invitation

Start by referring to the card you received.

  • Double-check the spelling of the couple's wedding website URL.

    • If the URL contains hyphens, ensure you include them.

    • Make sure you're not typing the URL with any additional spaces.

    • The URL must match precisely with the printed invitation.

  • If the spelling is correct, but you're still unable to locate the site, your next step is to directly contact the couple.

Where to find the URL

If you received a physical card designed by the couple, that's their unique creation, and we don't have the inside scoop on where to find the URL so you'll need to check in with them. But, if a Joy eCard made its way to you, we can help.

There are two places you may spot that trusty URL on the eCard: on the first page of the card, or at the very bottom. Depending on how they set up their eCard (they are in full design control), they may also include a "View Website" button. You can click on any of the URLs on the eCard and they will direct you to the couple's site.

If you're still seeing the same issue after clicking the wedding website link, it's possible the couple altered their URL post-invitation. In this case, you should initiate direct contact with the couple. You can find out how to contact them here.

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