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How Do I Ensure “Not Attending” Guests Won’t Be Asked Unnecessary RSVP Questions?
How Do I Ensure “Not Attending” Guests Won’t Be Asked Unnecessary RSVP Questions?
Updated over a week ago

Imagine this: you've got your guest list all sorted, and you're itching to gather the essentials. But hold on, do you really want to give poor Uncle Bob a quiz about his meal preferences when he can't make it? Yeah, didn't think so. Time to show irrelevant questions to the exit. Because honestly, he's not here to cha-cha with the canapés, right?

To save your non-attending guests from any unnecessary interrogations, let's unveil the secret weapon: "follow-up questions" paired with the "attending" answer. This ensures those who aren't attending won't be asked those extra questions.

Here's the roadmap:

  • Go to "Manage RSVP" from the admin dashboard.

  • Start with your main attendance RSVP question and click on "Ask follow-up question" next to the attending answer.

  • Rinse and repeat with any questions you only want to be asked to those attending (think meals, lodging, etc). Need more guidance on setting up follow-up questions? Check out the guide here!

Your RSVP page should be rocking this look (see how the follow-up questions sit beneath the parent question, connected to the main attendance question by a snazzy green line):

If you spot this setup and the rest of the RSVP questions aren't connected with those snazzy green lines, it means your "not attending" guests will find themselves selecting meals they'll never eat.

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