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Do I Need to Enter My Guests’ Email Addresses Into the Guest List?
Do I Need to Enter My Guests’ Email Addresses Into the Guest List?
Updated over a week ago

Short answer: Nope!

While you're jazzing up your Guest List with names of your fabulous attendees, Joy's not here to play email police – you're free to skip adding email addresses upfront before collecting those oh-so-important RSVPs online.

However, if you're sending out eCards through Joy, you'll need to add email addresses on your Guest List so the invites land in the right inboxes. But if you're rolling with different invite methods it's time to relax – no need to toss in the email addresses.

Here’s the deal: Guests aren't required to provide an email address when they RSVP, but if they want an RSVP confirmation email, that's an option. If they choose to share the email address, it'll appear on your Guest List in case you need to drop them a line later.

But what if I have guests with the same name?

This is the one exception to the rule. If you have multiple guests with the same name, adding email addresses is your go-to move. Those email addresses are the secret weapon – they're the tiebreaker to determine who's who.

Cheers to a stress-free RSVP process!

Still have some questions?

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