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Forwarding vs. Masking
Updated over a week ago

You might be wondering about the ins and outs of forwarding your custom domain. And we've got the answers.

Currently, Joy supports domain forwarding only.

What is the difference between forwarding only and forwarding with masking?

Forwarding Only (Supported)

When you enable forwarding only (without masking), your guests will be directed to your Joy website, and they'll see the Joy URL (i.e. in the browser bar.

Forwarding with Masking (Not supported)

Forwarding with masking hides the Joy URL. So when a guest types in your custom domain and directs to your Joy site, the browser bar will only show your custom domain (, and your Joy URL will not show.

While masking might sound like a neat trick, we don't recommend it as it will cause issues with the functionality of your site. At Joy, we're all about straightforward, honest communication, and masking can sometimes cause confusion for both you and your guests. So, for the smoothest and clearest experience, you'll want to go with forwarding only.

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