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I Changed My Joy URL After Connecting My Domain – Now What?
I Changed My Joy URL After Connecting My Domain – Now What?
Updated over a week ago

Change is in the air, and you're jazzing up your Joy website with a brand-new URL – a digital makeover extravaganza...exciting stuff! But wait, what about your trusty custom domain? When you change your Joy URL, you'll need to update your custom domain settings. Let's dive into how you can update your domain connection to match your snazzy new Joy URL.

Here's the game plan if you purchased your domain by clicking the link on the Settings Page:

  • Log in to the account where you purchased your domain (right here).

  • Under the My Product tab, click "DNS," and then "Forwarding."

  • Click "Edit."

  • Here, you'll see your previous, original Joy URL. Tap in the field to add your snazzy new URL.

Easy-peasy, right?" 🚀🌟

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