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Editing and Sending eCards
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Once upon a time, in the world of wedding planning where you've got this whole "date-setting, site-editing, and guest-list-juggling" thing down to a science, it's time to strut your stuff onto the next stage: sending out your Save the Dates and Invitation eCards.

Creating Save the Dates, Invitations, and Custom Cards all follows the same process. Let's dive into editing the Invitation together.

The how-to: invitations edition

Let's take a stroll through the process.

Selecting the Design

  • From the admin dashboard, click Digital Cards, then Invitations.

  • Click "Design and Send."

  • Click "Edit Design" to explore themes.

  • Select a theme and you'll see it populate the preview.

  • Once you've picked a design that suits your style, hit "Done" at the bottom. Now, it's time to work on the content.

Editing the eCard content

Get ready to dive into the fun part—editing the content. Click on the "Edit Content" button under the "Edit Design" button.

Here, you have the power to customize the eCard content:

  • Tweak the Title of your card, Subtitle, and Date Format.

  • Add a message to the card itself.

  • Opt to hide the link to your site (maybe because you haven't finished your site yet, but you want to send out your Save the Date).

  • Add up to two buttons that link to your site (think the RSVP page, Travel page, etc.)

  • Add an optional message that is displayed on the second page of the eCard.

    • You can also add external links to your message. Whether you want to guide guests to the wedding venue, the hotel, or another enchanting corner of the web, it's a breeze. Just add the 'www' before your URL to make it clickable.

  • And, make your choice: Would you like your eCard to grant guest access to your site without needing a password? Just toggle on "Unlock Guest-Only Content."

    • This means that if you set up a password for your site guests who visit by clicking on the eCard won't be prompted to enter a password.

  • Want to add a custom domain to your eCard? We've got you covered!

    • If you already have a custom domain, but it's not connected yet, click "Edit" under "Your URL." Follow the instructions to add your custom domain and set it up to forward to your Joy site.

    • If you want to purchase a custom domain through Joy, click "Add Custom Domain" in the Settings, then "Find the Perfect Domain." Follow the on-screen instructions to choose your domain and complete the setup.

  • Once you're thrilled with your edits, hit "Done" to save your changes.

Editing the email

Now, onto the email that houses your eCard. Time to put your personal touch on it:

  • Click "Edit Email" at the bottom of the page. then the "Edit Email" button to the right of the preview.

  • You can tweak the Subject, Reply-to-Email, Headline, Subheadline, Salutation, Message Body, and use your Event Photo or a custom photo.

    • If you use a custom photo, be sure to refer to this article, which guides you through the process of obtaining the URL for your chosen photo. It's a bit more nuanced than a simple copy-and-paste.

  • Keep scrolling down on the Edit Email page to customize the message Salutation, Message Body, guest name options, and button text.

  • Pro TIp: Check "Use guest name(s)" if you want to greet your guests with their first names. Please note that if you've grouped guests together on the Guest List, the names will appear in the same order as added.

  • Click "Done" at the bottom of the page when everything is perfect.

Sending your eCard: the grand finale

You're almost there! Now, head to "Confirm & Send" at the bottom of the eCard page.

You have two different options for sending your cards:

Share with a link

  • Shareable links are not personalized with each guest’s name, so you don’t need to populate your Joy guest list or collect your guests’ emails to use them

Just click "Copy Link" and send it however you like (text message, whatsapp, social media, etc.)

Share by email

  • Joy sends an email on your behalf to all your guests

  • Each card is personalized with your guests’ name

  • Track opens and clicks in your guest list

Click “Select Guests,” choose the lucky ones, and hit “Done” when you’re finished.

  • Now, the moment we've been waiting for: click "Send Now" at the bottom of the Confirm & Send page!

And there you have it—your eCards are on their way, spreading joy and excitement to your guests. Cheers to stress-free, joyful wedding planning! 💌🎉

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