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Using The Private Events Feature
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Okay, so, you're knee-deep in wedding planning, and you've got your A-list guests – the crème de la crème – and, well, the "others." You know, those who might not quite appreciate the intricacies of your after-party, like your ride-or-die crew. Fear not, for Joy has a sneaky little trick up its digital sleeve – private events!

Now you can keep your hidden gems under wraps, revealing them only to the lucky ones who made the cut. Take, for instance, the afterparty. It's like the surprise ending of a blockbuster movie – only for a select few.

Using Guest Tags

With Joy's Guest Tags, you can ensure that only the chosen ones get the golden ticket to that special extravaganza. They help you create groups of guests who should receive specific messages, answer certain RSVP questions, and, most importantly, see your private events. You'll want to assign tags on your guest list before you hop over to the Schedule page.

How to set up private events

  • Head over to your Schedule page from the admin dashboard and click on the event you want to keep hush-hush, like "Rehearsal."

  • Click "Edit" under "Event Privacy."

  • Under "Who can see this?" choose "Specific guests"

  • Click "Select" next to "Show guests with the tag"

  • Choose the tag that matches your exclusive event – in our case, "Rehearsal."

  • But wait, there's more! If you want to handpick specific guests, click "Add" next to "In addition to the following guests." Choose the names from your guest list and add them to the list of the chosen few.

  • Review the tags and "Done."

What Will Your Guests See?

When your guests land on your website, they'll encounter an "Unlock Guest Details" prompt on the Welcome and Schedule Pages (only if you've got private events). They'll need to enter their first and last names, and we will match their entry with your guest list and only show them the events they are invited to.

What if my guests enter a different name than what I entered on the guest list?

So, picture this: your guest, Michael Scott, decides to go by "Mike Scott" while you've got him listed as "Michael Scott" on your guest list. What a classic mix-up, right? Here's the play-by-play of how we handled this delightful situation:

  • First off, we'll show Michael a friendly message, letting him know he's not showing up on your guest list.

  • We'll kindly suggest he try a different spelling or perhaps a nickname, just in case.

Now, if Michael, in a valiant quest to find his invite, attempts this a few times and still can't crack the code, we've got a solution. We'll extend an invitation for him to check out the public version of the website instead. In this scenario, he won't have access to any of those exclusive, hush-hush private events he may have been invited to – the secret remains safe!

You, as the event owner, won't be left in the dark. We'll shoot you an email, giving you the scoop that a guest took a detour to the public side of the site. We'll even throw in some handy steps in case you want to take action.

Tips and Tricks for a Seamless Experience

  • Here's a pro tip: If all your events are set to be viewed by anyone with your event password, your guests won't need to enter their names to see your schedule. But remember, this only applies if you don't have any private events lined up.

  • To avoid misspellings and mishaps, consider sending eCards through Joy. Each eCard contains personalized links, sparing your guests the name-entry ordeal.

  • Before you embark on your schedule-setting adventure, get those Guest Tags ready. It's like having a backstage pass system – you can add or remove people from specific events with ease.

  • If you want to view private events as if you're a guest, just be sneaky like a ninja – open an Incognito or private browsing window (try Chrome's "New Incognito Window"). Click "Find My Invite," enter a guest's name, and see the magic unfold.

So there you have it, the secret recipe to wedding planning magic: Joy's hidden events feature. Keep your surprises under wraps and your VIPs in the know. It's time to make your wedding planning as enchanting as the big day itself!

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