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Guest List Overview
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Managing your guest list may not have the glitz of picking the perfect dress or the sizzle of planning the menu, but trust us, it's the unsung hero that can turn your wedding into a blockbuster hit. Consider it your VIP list, your entourage, and your backstage pass to wedding perfection.

In this guide, we'll show you how to navigate the guest list like a pro, from grouping your guests to adding and deleting names. So grab your pen and get ready to make your wedding guest list a star-studded affair

Ready to embark on this guest-list adventure? The first step is heading to your Guest List from the admin dashboard.

Adding Guests (manually and importing)

  • On your guest list click "Add Guests."

  • Enter their first name, last name, and optionally, their email address, and click "Add Guest."

  • If you've already got that guest list securely tucked away in a spreadsheet, simply hit the "Import Guest List" button within the Add Guest modal.

    • The spreadsheet formatting needs to be spot-on. Don't worry, though, this article will guide you through the formatting process. Check it out!

Creating Parties and Plus Ones

You can include plus-ones, couples, and families in style. When you group guests, every member of the group gets addressed on the eCard, and one person can wave the RSVP wand for the entire clan. Check out this article that takes you through creating parties and adding plus ones.

Deleting Guests

Sometimes, you've got to trim the guest list.

  • Select the guest(s) you're bidding farewell to.

  • Click "Delete Guest" on the toolbar.

Tag, You're It

Guest Tags are your new best friend in Joy. These nifty tags help you create guest groups for specific messages, RSVP questions, and event access. Check out "All About Guest Tags" for more tag-tastic info.

Sending eCards and Emails

  • Select the guest or guests you want to reach out to or click the checkbox at the top of your guest list to select everyone.

  • Click "Send" and choose the type of eCard or email you want to send.

Merging Duplicate Guests

Oops, did you accidentally invite your cousin twice, or maybe someone RSVP'd with a different name so they're listed twice? We've got a solution. You can merge those guests. You can learn more about how and why to merge here.

Guest Details

Get to know your guests better by clicking on the icon to the left of their name. Dive into their details, including RSVP responses and your email tracking (you can see those little tabs at the top.) It's like having a guest dossier at your fingertips.

Restricting RSVP to the Guest List

Do you want to keep your RSVPs in check so only the people on your guest list can RSVP? We have a solution for this too. It's called Strict Name Matching. It's basically your bouncer, ensuring only names on the guest list get past the velvet rope. Learn more about this feature here.

So there you have it, your ultimate guide to mastering the guest list like a pro with Joy. Now go forth and party plan with confidence! 🎉

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