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How to Send Invitation eCards for Multiple Events
How to Send Invitation eCards for Multiple Events
Updated over a week ago

Alright, folks, we know you're itching to dish out those wedding deets, but let's face it, not everyone on your guest list made the VIP cut for every shindig. So, here's the lowdown: if you're hosting a wedding extravaganza with multiple events and want to keep things exciting with a special invite for each occasion, you absolutely can.

Sending eCards for multiple events works the same way as sending invitations for a single event; you’re just doing it multiple times. You can read details about the process here.

Here's one juicy tidbit: We highly recommend flexing the Custom Card feature when sending out invites for anything other than your main event. Why? Because it grants you the power to enter any date and location, not just the usual details of your main gig.

Let's get this show on the road and show you an example of sending an invite for the Rehearsal Dinner.

  • Head to the admin dashboard and click the "Custom Card" icon.

  • Click "Design and Send."

  • Click "Edit Design" to explore themes.

  • Select a theme and you'll see it populate the preview.

  • Click "Done"

  • Click the "Edit Content" button under the "Edit Design" button.

  • Get ready to customize the content

    • Add the Title (i.e. Party Time)

    • Subtitle (Rehearsal Dinner)

    • Date

    • Location

    • A message

  • Now click the "Edit Email " button, then the "Edit Email" button to the right of the preview.

  • Go crazy editing the content to your heart's desire. Let those guests know they're the VIPs.

  • When you're ready, tap that, "Confirm and Send" button.

  • Select your guests. This is a great time to utilize those tags on the guest list.

  • Click "Send Now."

Repeat for All Your Events: The beauty of this process? You can rinse and repeat for all your sensational wedding events. Ceremony? Use an Invitation for that, and it'll sprinkle in your main event's date and location automatically. Feeling brunchy on Sunday? Go for another Custom Card, and whip up the date and location like a culinary masterpiece.

Just a quick heads-up: when you dive into editing the card for the next event, your previous changes will be replaced, but no worries, whatever you previously sent to those guests will stay put in the card.

So, there you have it! Customize away, and let those eCards set the stage for your fabulous festivities.

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