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Turn Off Your RSVP
Updated over a week ago

At Joy, we're your backstage crew, working hard to make things seamless and flexible. One area where we've got your back is the RSVP. While we still believe in the charm of snail mail invites (hey there, traditional vibes), we also know you might have your own groove going with the good ole' RSVP system. And that's cool โ€“ we're not ones to cramp your style. We've made the RSVP optional just for you, so you can wave goodbye to it whenever you want.

Here's how:

  • From your admin dashboard tap the "Manage RSVP" icon.

  • On the RSVP page, click on the Settings tab.

  • Toggle the 'Show RSVP' option off (so it's gray).

Insider Tip: Even if you're using a different RSVP system, this feature can still be your ally. Utilize it to gather extra insights from your guests. Need guidance? Explore how to customize your questions here.

Still have some questions?

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