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Are My Invites The Same As The RSVP?
Are My Invites The Same As The RSVP?
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You might be wondering: What's the deal with Joy's eCards and RSVPs? Are they two peas in a pod or distant cousins? Well, let's clear things up. While they are related, they are different systems – they're like a dynamic duo.

Think of eCards as your event's friendly ambassadors. They're the cool cats that help your guests connect with your RSVP. eCards act as a channel that allows guests to access the RSVP for your event with the click of a button.

eCards are not just messengers; they also pack style and substance. They let you share essential event deets like the date, location, and a warm greeting message. Here's a sneak peek at what an Invitation eCard looks like:

The Connection Between eCards and RSVPs

While eCards and RSVPs go together like peanut butter and jelly, they're also happy to stand alone. They're a tag team, but they don't require each other to shine.

Here's the deal: eCards (and their paper invite cousins) are simply an avenue that allows your guests to access your RSVP. But here's the cool part – it's not the only way. If you prefer, you can simply share your website URL via text or email, and guests can RSVP directly on your site, bypassing eCards altogether.

  • If you're on Team Paper Invite, your guests enter your website URL into their browser and hit the RSVP button – simple as pie.

  • Team eCard? Your guests can click on that nifty RSVP button right from the eCard. Or, if they're feeling explorative, they can hit the "View Website" button on the eCard and journey to your website's RSVP button.

Here's how it looks on the guest site:

Quick Tip: If you ever need your guests to RSVP again or make changes to their response, no need to send another invite. They can revisit the original eCard link (or your website) to update their RSVP.

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