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Cash Fund Goals: What Are My Options?
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Adding a cash fund to your Joy registry is like building a gift buffet for your guests! You've got options, my friend. You can go with "Any Amount," allowing your guests to gift any amount they want. Plus, you can set a goal, but shh, you can hide it from your guests if you want to keep them guessing.

Or, you can choose "Fixed Amounts," where you decide on a specific gift size increment. Let's say you fancy $50 as your gift size increment. Your guests can then give you 1 gift of $50, 2 gifts of $50 (that's $100 in total), 3 gifts of $50 (a grand total of $150), and so on.

Pro Tip: Wondering how to set the quantity and gift size? It's easier than pie! First, figure out how much cash you want in total. Next, pick your preferred gift size options, like $50, $75, $100, $200. Finally, divide the total amount by your chosen gift size increment. For instance, if you want $300 and your gift size is $50, just pop in a quantity of 6. Ta-da! You've created a cash fund for 6 gifts of $50!

Which option should you use?

  • Want to make it easy for your guests to decide what to contribute?
    Use “Fixed amounts.” Guests can choose from your gift size increments, ie. if you have a gift size increment of $50, guests can choose to gift $50, $10, $150, and so on.

  • Want to give guests flexibility in contributing whatever they wish?
    Use “Any amount.”

  • Have a goal you want to meet?
    Use “Any amount” and add your target goal.

  • Want to set a goal for tracking, but don’t want any guests to see?
    Use “Any amount” and add your target goal but set it to be hidden.

Here is what your guests will see

We’ve made collecting cash easy and flexible for you.

Still have some questions?

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