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How To Invite Your Guests
Updated over a week ago

So, you've got this fabulous wedding website, and now it's time to get your guests on board. Get ready to explore not one, not two, but three fantastic methods to make it happen. It's like choosing between vinyl records, CDs, or streaming your tunes – we've got options for every generation. We'll show you how to invite your tech-savvy, tech-curious, and "still figuring out the VCR" guests with ease.


If you're looking to keep things classy yet digital, say hello to eCards! These wonders come in various forms, including Save the Dates, Invitations, and Custom Cards, and they're all sent via email. No carrier pigeons are involved!

To master the art of sending eCards through Joy, check out this handy-dandy article for all the deets!

Paper Invites

Feeling a bit old-school and want to mail out some paper invites? You're in for a treat. Just remember to add your Joy URL and password (if your site's locked up) to those invites.

You can order cards from wherever you would like, but we've partnered up with two awesome companies, Paperlust and Paper Culture, who offer printed versions that can match your design. To find out if your website design is available for print, check out this article.

Mobile App and Messaging

Want to invite your pals with ease? Look no further than our trusty Mobile App and your go-to messaging service! You can download the app for iOS here, and Android here.

  • Simply hop into your event on the Mobile App and make sure you're viewing it as the admin (so not in the "View as Guest" mode).

  • Tap the little menu icon in the lower right corner.

  • Click on "Share Event."

  • Click the 'Send Invite' button. No carrier pigeons are needed here either!

  • You'll be asked to pick your preferred method for sharing your URL and password (text, email, and so on).

Joy will even whip up a handy message for you, saying something like:

“Hey there! You're cordially invited to [first name of Partner 1] & [first name of Partner 2]'s epic wedding on Joy. Join the celebration using this link: [site URL] Event Password: [event password]

But hey, feel free to jazz it up and make it sound just like you or tailor it for that special guest you're inviting! Once it's all decked out and personalized to perfection, hit send, and off it goes to your phone, email contacts, or whichever messaging service floats your boat.

There you have it – a bevy of fantastic ways to invite your beloved guests, Joy-style!

Still have some questions?

Ask us directly! Click on the black and white chat bubble in the bottom-right corner of this page to ask us your questions, or you can email us at You’ll get a friendly response from someone on our team! 🙂

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