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Deleting RSVP Responses From Your Guest List
Deleting RSVP Responses From Your Guest List
Updated over a week ago

Hey, we get it. Sometimes, you just need a quick way to clear all those RSVP responses without messing up your meticulously crafted guest list. While we're still working on an "RSVP Response Begone" feature, we've got a workaround that's simpler than teaching your pet goldfish to tap dance! πŸŸπŸ•Ί

Here's the lowdown:

  • Export your guest list as a CSV file – just click "Export All Guests" in the guest list section.

  • Select all your guests on the guest list and hit "Delete Guests."

  • Open your CSV file and remove all columns except first name, last name, email address, and party.

  • Save the CSV

  • Now, import that CSV file back to your guest list. You can learn more about importing and exporting here.

But hold on to your hats! This process will wipe the slate clean, except for the essentials: first & last names, email addresses, and your guests' "party" groupings. Tags, phone numbers, mailing addresses, and dietary restrictions? They vanish into thin air!

So, if you're ready for a fresh start, give this digital cleaning trick a whirl! πŸͺ„πŸͺ„

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