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Adding Plus Ones And Parties
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Ever wanted to give your guests plus ones or neatly group them into couples, parties, and families? Well, your wish is our command!

Imagine this: You're hosting your wedding, and there are families with adorable babies who can't even spell RSVP let alone respond for themselves. No worries! We've got the perfect solution. When guests are grouped together, everyone in the gang gets addressed on the eCards, and one person can respond for the entire crew.

So, let's dive into this tutorial on how to set up your guest list like a pro.

Adding Plus Ones:

To add plus ones to your guest list, take these simple steps:

  • Navigate to your Guest List page from your admin dashboard.

  • On the guest list page, you'll spot the 'plus ones' column right at the top.

  • If you want to add plus ones for a specific guest, click on the number in the plus one column for that guest.

  • A handy drop-down menu will appear where you can select the number of plus ones you want to add for that guest.

    • This adds a blank plus one. You can either fill in a name by clicking in the blank field or leave it empty (maybe you can't remember the name of that newborn baby). If you leave it blank, your guest can fill in thee name(s) when they RSVP, and that name(s) will magically appear on your guest list.

  • You can do this with families too:

Once your guests are neatly grouped into couples, parties, and families, everyone in the group is addressed on the eCard, and one person can step up to respond for the entire group.

The invite greeting will always include the whole family, whether or not you've got email addresses for every member. Even if you've handed out those blank plus ones, the invites will graciously address your guests by name followed by "and guest."

From their invite, your guests will have the superpower to RSVP on behalf of their family or even their plus ones (yes, even the ones who haven't mastered the art of spelling "RSVP" yet). It's all about keeping things light and playful, just like that adorable baby who's still mastering the alphabet!

Grouping Guests into Parties:

Did you add individual guests to your guest list but now want to turn them into groups? You're in luck! It's a piece of cake.

  • Select the guests you want to add to a party (for example, Emily and Richard).

  • Click on "Create Party." If the button is grayed out, make sure you've selected some guests first.

  • Ta-da! You've got yourself a party! You'll notice it's denoted by a gray circle around the guest icons.

Allowing Guests to Add Their Own +1s:

If you're feeling brave and want to give your guests the power to bring their own entourage, follow these steps:

  • Head to the Guest List from your admin dashboard.

  • Click on the gear symbol in the upper right corner.

  • Toggle the button for "Allow Any Guest to Add +1s" on (purple) or off (gray), depending on your preferences.

When you have this setting turned on, you don't need to assign plus ones to your guests in advance. It's all about that open guest list life, so keep that in mind when making this choice.

Now, when your guests RSVP, they'll be asked to indicate the number of guests in their party.

After adjusting their party size, they can easily click on the "Respond" button next to any guests (or themselves) to respond on the next page. They can also click on "Add Another Guest" or "Remove a Guest" in case they need to add or remove any guests.

And there you have it! Grouping guests, adding plus ones, and making the RSVP process a breeze for everyone, even the little ones who can't spell RSVP yet.

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