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PetHair Robotic Vacuum Cleaner and Mop in Champagne


Bobsweep PetHair Robotic Vacuum Cleaner and Mop in Champagne


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If you think a robot vacuum and mop can’t handle pet hair, think again. The Bob PetHair was made for pet households. In fact, it’s the best-selling of bObsweep's robot cleaners. The large LCD screen features easy-to-use cleaning modes, programs and more. It senses walls, furniture, and stairs and the long brush is great at reeling in stray fur and stowing it in the large dustbin until you’re ready to empty it. Fur parents love how it wipes away spills, fur and food. Includes mop attachment and remote control.
Features & Benefits
Pet Hair Pick Up
Multiple pets, long-haired breeds, big-time shedders. They’re no match for this robot vac. In fact, it was designed with the pet household in mind. The main brush is long, ensuring all lengths of fur get drawn in, and the dustbin is large so you don’t have to stop the cleaning cycle mid-way to empty. The triple-layer filter helps prevent dust and allergens from escaping into the air.

Cordless & Bagless
The beauty of your Bob is it’s hands-free and hassle-free. Just turn it out and let it do its thing. If its battery runs low, it’ll return to the charging station. When it’s finished cleaning you can remove the large dustbin and dump it straight into the trash. The included cleaning tool helps you keep the filter clean.

Turn on this powerful robot vac and watch it go, go, go! Though it may be small, it is mighty. It can glide across wood floors easily and can navigate over carpeting and tile flooring, too. Edge detection will prevent your Bob from falling down the stairs when gleefully cleaning room to room.
What's in the Box?
- Robot vacuum
- Remote control
- Charging station
- Charging adapter
- 2 main brushes
- 2 side brushes
- 2 filters
- Cleaning tool
Delivery Method
Standard Shipping + Processing: Items leave the warehouse in 3-5 business days and transit time is another 3-7 days via ground shipping.
Note: Joy, only ships to the continental United States. We do not currently ship to Alaska, Hawaii, or Puerto Rico
Return Policy
Return or exchange within 90 days.