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Joy 101
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If you're here, you're clearly getting married – and we're stoked to be your trusty sidekick through it all with Joy! Below, we're throwing you a roadmap for crafting a website and app that's cooler than the cucumber slices at a spa day. Let's dive into the and create something that'll have everyone talking – your website and mobile app extravaganza!

Step 1 – Create your wedding

Kickstart your wedding site with Joy.

  • Begin crafting your website by clicking here. Just click on Get Started.

  • On the wedding creation page, share your name, your partner's name, and the wedding date and location. If these specifics aren't nailed down yet, you can easily update them later.

Step 2 – Building Website

  • Unveil your User Profile. Log in at and select your wedding to access your admin dashboard.

  • Add Admins: Add your partner, best buddies, or wedding planner as admins. With admin powers, they can help manage your website and app.

  • Personalize your Website: Tailor sections to make sure your website and app pack in all the info your guests need.

  • Get the app: Grab it for iOS here and for Android here.

Step 3 – Adding Your Personal Touch

Step 4 – It's All In the Details

  • Share your love story and sprinkle in some tidbits for some extra pazazz.

  • Introduce your wedding party. They'll have their moment in the spotlight on both the website and app.

    • Pro Tip: Extend the invite to them before other guests, so they can lend a hand in your planning.

  • Nail down your schedule to guide guests to the good stuff at the right time. And, don't forget to set the stage with your must-attend wedding countdown event.

Step 5 – Strengthening Your Privacy

Step 6 – Warming Up for RSVPs

  • Cook up your RSVP questions - choose from pre-set options (like dietary deets) and decide if custom questions are in the recipe. Adjust, add, or deactivate questions later.

  • Craft your invite message: This email will be the star of the show when guests open their invites.

  • Test the RSVP waters and invitation email. We recommend setting up "practice guest" profiles – they can be deleted later.

  • Pro Tip: Got Gmail? You can add +test1 or +test2 to your email for crafty fake profiles that still hit your inbox. For instance, if your email is, conjure a faux guest with the email

Step 7 – Ready, Set, Guest List!

  • For exclusive events use Private Events to unveil or veil certain events for specific sets of eyes.

  • Now, let the invitations fly: Send an eCard via the guest list or toss your Joy link onto paper invites.

  • Round up those RSVPs: Gently remind guests to RSVP and keep track of their answers.

Step 8 – Spread the Joy

  • Deck out your Moments Page with more photos.

  • Guests can share photos and drop messages in your guest book using the app. They'll find this on your Moments Page.

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