How To Call a Ride To a Wedding With Joy: Uber & Lyft Integration

    We launched a great new feature for wedding guests: Uber and Lyft integration for Android and iOS! Your wedding guests can now request a ride to the wedding event locations directly from your Joy wedding app. There’re lots of reasons to do this. Maybe your guests want to arrive in style (black car, please!) or it’s possible there will be drinking at the wedding, and you want your guests to get to and from your event safely. Either way, it’s super easy to request a ride to or from your event!

    To request an Uber or Lyft, you want to tap the event location in the Schedule of events. Once you tap the address, you’ll see several options: Request a ride from Lyft, Request a ride from Uber, Open in Google Maps, Open in Maps, and Copy Address—all useful options to get your guests from point A to point B! When the guest selects their ride-share of choice, we’ll launch that specific app (Uber or Lyft) for your guest and automatically fill in the venue’s address.

    Call A Wedding Ride: Step-by-step

    First you want to navigate to the Schedule page of the Joy wedding app.

    From there, you want to click on the event address. You’ll see those options mentioned above, in particular Request a ride from Uber and Request a ride from Lyft. Then you proceed just as you would any other time you’re calling a ride share! The only difference is that we’ve auto-populated your destination!

    Happy [wedding] travels!






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