Just the FAQs

We’re here to help troubleshoot and solve any speed bumps you may encounter. We're available via chat Monday-Friday between 9 AM to 6 PM Pacific Standard Time.

It is extremely user-friendly! Even my 85-year-old grandma RSVP’d on her own from London.


What do I need to open a Joy account?

You can create a Joy account using Facebook or Google. You can also create a Joy account using your email address.

What's the catch? How do you make money?

Our free service may sound too good to be true, but it is—we promise! Our focus is building a great service and spreading the word about Joy. In the future we may decide to add paid premium content offerings or collaborations, but rest assured, your data is safe and all current features of Joy are indeed free. We love what we've built, and want as many people to try it as possible. If you love it too, the best thing that you can do is recommend us to other couples.

Is Joy available in other languages?

Although couples all over the world can use and download Joy, it's only available in English. We are working hard to support other languages. If you would like to see your language supported, send us an email and let us know.

How secure is this app?

You can choose whether your wedding website is guest-only or viewable by the general public. If your wedding website is guest-only, users will need to enter your event code to view any information. You can control which information is open to the public and which information is guest-only.

Your personal data is always encrypted between the Joy app and our servers, as well as between different subsystems on Joy servers. In other words, Joy is really, really secure. Also, we will never sell your personal information. (We are good people.)

How can we work together?

For media inquiries, please contact RVD Communications at info@rachelvandolsen.com.

How much does Joy cost?

Joy is completely free to use for you and your guests.

Joy seems to offer a lot of different features. Can I pick and choose what to use?

Most definitely. We designed Joy to accommodate weddings of all shapes and sizes. You can remove any section of Joy that does not apply to your wedding.

Don't have a wedding party? Simply remove it from your dashboard and it will automatically be removed from your website and app. You've discovered Joy and just want to use it to collect photos from your guests? Easy. Remove all the sections you don't want and Joy transforms into your simple wedding photo collection and sharing app.

What devices does Joy support?

Joy wedding app is available on iOS and Android devices. Your website works perfectly on all modern web browsers and is also compatible with iOS and Android mobile browsers.

How long can I keep the website and app?

Forever. It looks like Joy is here to stay, and we will ensure your wedding website and app are, too. Spread the word of Joy with your friends and family!

How do I get immediate help when I have a question?

If you can't find an answer here or on our product help section, you can reach us through our in-app chat. To access the chat, login into your account and click on the "?" on the lower right hand side of the screen. You'll always be talking to a real person. You can also send us an email at hello@withjoy.com.


I just need a website and not an app.

You can use Joy to create your wedding website and not share the download links to install your app. When sending out your invites, you can choose whether or not to include links to download your app. However, if you want people to upload photos to your wedding or browse your guest list, you will only be able to do that with the app.

Do you offer printed stationery that matches my wedding website?

Yes! Most of our popular graphic themes and styles are available with matching stationery including save the dates, invitations, menus, rsvp, thank you cards and more. Watch the Video

Do you support multiple events?

No. This is something we are planning to support in the future. Since Joy is free, many couples choose to create multiple Joy events from different accounts for rehearsal dinners and ceremonies. This gives them a different website, event code, schedules and guest lists.

Can I have multiple people edit my wedding? Fiance? Planner?

Yes! Adding multiple admins to your account is simple. You can make any guest an admin of your event.

Can my site be password protected? How does this affect RSVPs?

Yes. You can create a custom event code that guests are required to enter to view the contents of your website or to RSVP. You can control whether your entire website, certain page or just RSVP requires your event code to view. Joy provides fine grained security settings which are not available in most other solutions on the market.

What can I customize on my website and app?

We believe building a beautiful and yet very personalized website shouldn't require knowing how to code or learn a hard-to-use tool full of dialogs and widgets. Joy provides you tons of graphic styles, fonts, colors, and templates to customize from. You can add your photos, story, schedule, greetings, etc, and we make sure all of it is beautifully represented on your website, app, emails, paperless as well as printed invitations, and save the dates. We call it BYOC. Bring-Your-Own-Content.

Do you support custom domains?

Yes and no. You can purchase a domain from domain providers such as godaddy.com and hover.com and configure that domain to forward to your withjoy.com event when someone visits that domain. . We are working hard to make domain name masking work in Joy.

Mobile App

Can I just use the app? I already have a website.

Absolutely. Though Joy automatically creates a website for you when you enter all your wedding information, you don't have to use it or share it. When you invite people to use your app, you can choose to exclude sharing your website.

How does Joy handle things when there is little to no cell or WiFi coverage?

We are working hard to make Joy work in remote areas without reception. Currently, guests will not get notifications or be able to upload photos to your timeline without a connection. In that case, we will let the user know that they should wait and upload photos at a later time.

Guests and RSVPs

Do guests need to create an account to RSVP?

No. Your guests do not have to create an account to RSVP. Creating an account is totally optional and the prompt comes after guests complete their RSVP. Creating an account and password lets guests easily update their RSVP answers at a later date and also allows them to like and comment on your photos in Moments.

I am using physical print and mail RSVPs but want to collect responses for attendance and +1s digitally. Do you support that?

Absolutely. Include the link to your wedding website on your printed RSVP card and configure Joy's guest list to allow any guest to add their own +1s when they RSVP online.

For those who have a significant other and/or family members, is it possible for a single family member to RSVP for everyone coming?

For instance, Bob is married to Jill and they have 2 kids, Joe and Kate. Would Bob be able to see RSVP requests for himself, Jill, Joe and Kate? If so, would he be able to confirm RSVPs for all of them? Yes to both questions.

Is it possible to ask certain questions, like dietary restrictions, to every member of the household but questions like accommodation only once per household?

Yes, lots of couples asked for it, so we built it. You can now choose if a question is asked once per household or once per each guest in the household.

Can I limit the number of +1s per guest?

Yes! You can limit the number of +1s per guest. The default number of +1s for a guest is 0. If you want to allow a person to RSVP for an additional guest, it's super easy! Simply select the number of additional guests from the dropdown menu on the +1 column. For example you can invite husband and wife, Michael and Alison, by giving Michael a +1 and sending him an invite. This allows him to RSVP for himself and Alison!

I only want to let guests who are on my guestlist to RSVP. Do you support that?

Yes. Simply enable "Strict Name Matching Required" in Joy's guest list settings and if a guest's name does not match what is in the guest list, they will not be able to RSVP.

Is there a limit to the number of guests I can add to Joy? I will be having close to 1000 guests!

The more the merrier. Big or small, Joy is built to scale.

Can I create multiple-choice questions for RSVPs?

Yes. You can create as many custom questions as you need, including multiple choice questions. It’s perfect for getting answers to fixed meal choices or simple yes or no questions.

Can I import guest lists created in Excel?

Yes. We support importing CSV files which both Excel and Google Sheets along with most spreadsheet applications support. We also allow you to export all the RSVP responses to be shared with your planners and caterers.