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How To Collect Wedding Guest Photos

by Cali Pitchel
How To Collect Wedding Guest Photos

Upload your engagement photos

One of the ways to use Moments, is to upload your engagement photos (or other candids from your relationship pre-wedding). You can upload photos one at a time or with our uploader. You can also connected different social or photo sharing accounts to Joy for ease of upload.

Pro tip: Make sure your pop ups are enabled. If you have a pop up blocker, you won’t be able to use the photo uploader.

One quick note on the difference between “Our Photos” and “Event Photos.” Photos you upload from the website uploader go into “Our Photos.” Anything uploaded via the app (whether by you or your guests) will go into “Event Photos.”

Collect guests’ photos

Speaking of Event Photos! You can allow your guests to take and upload photos to your private Moments timeline. They can only do this, however, through the app. They can add photos from the Welcome screen or from the Moments page. There is a + button at the bottom of the screen.

Once your guests click on the + button, they’ll see three options: Use Camera, Pick Photo, or Post Message. In other words, your guests can take a photo right from the Joy app, choose one from their camera roll, or post a well wish or message of congratulations right to your Moments!

Control the way your guests can share

From the Security & Settings page, you can decide whether your guests can share photos from your timeline on Facebook or Instagram.

If you enable those share settings, guests will be able to share from the app to their own social networks! But if you’re feeling private, you can disable that setting and keep your wedding photos safe and sound.

Encourage your guests to upload photos to your wedding

One of the best parts of using Joy is seeing all of the photos in one place, but the experience is more fun when your guests upload all of those great candid photos. There are a few ways to encourage your guests to upload photos to your Joy wedding.

Send a Reminder Email. You can send a Reminder Email from your Joy Guest List.

Send a Push Notification. You can use the Announcement feature to send a quick notification directly to their phones! 

Tell us more!

Have you used Joy to collect your wedding photos? What’s worked well for you?

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