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The Convenience of an In-App Wedding Schedule

by Cathie Wigert
The Convenience of an In-App Wedding Schedule

I had one rule on my wedding day: don’t ask me questions. Not sure where to hang that certain strand of lights? Not sure how to find the venue? Ask literally any other human in your line of vision except for me.

It’s not that I didn’t care. I did. It also helped I was pretty laid back when it came to day-of logistics (*spoiler alert* it’s because I struggle with pretty bad anxiety and was way more concerned about having intestinal issues right before I walked down the aisle. When comparing the importance of where fake tea lights should go or needing to rush to the bathroom before my vows, the potential-panic-pooping won out #sorrynotsorry).

But the truth is guests are going to have questions. It is inevitable. And while some questions, like where they should put a gift, are easy to answer other questions are a little more pressing—Joy’s wedding app is a great way to get ahead of these questions, big and small.

If a guest loses their physical invitation and doesn’t know the address of the venue, that can be a problem on the day of the wedding. If a guest can’t find the start-time of the wedding and has no idea when they should arrive, that can be a problem.

Joy knows how important your sanity is on the day of a wedding. The team totally gets you have other things to worry about than reminding your Aunt Nancy that guests are expected to arrive at four, not at noon. This is why Joy features an in-app schedule to help keep your wedding guests on track and on time. Your wedding app compiles the information on where guests need to be, when they should be there, and any other information that can help them be successful. (Plus, it’s free and super easy so set up!)

Let guests know the date, time, and location of your rehearsal dinner. A Google map, including a location marker, can help guests visually understand where they are supposed to be. Are buses bringing them to and from a location? Should they bring a jacket in case it gets cold? Provide notes on what they need to know. Live links attached to venue locations can bring guests directly to the venue page, giving them easy access to further information.

Whether you want to help people remember what time the cake-cutting is happening or don’t want anyone missing the first dance, the wedding in-app schedule keeps all the vital information in one place.

Do you have a designated “question answerer” for your big day? In the Q+A section of the app you can let them know whom they should call.

It is understandable wedding guests will have questions. And while it may not matter to you if someone forgets to wear a tie to your wedding, it will probably matter if they frantically try to call your cell phone asking how to find the venue.

While not every bride or groom is terrified of being betrayed by their bowels on the big day, they certainly have more important things to think about on their wedding day than fielding urgent schedule-related questions from guests. Be your best self and utilize the super simple and super sleek in-app schedule found on Joy.

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