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Inspiration » Wedding Planning » Your Guide to Stress-Free Wedding Hair and Makeup

Your Guide to Stress-Free Wedding Hair and Makeup

by Allison Hata
wedding hair and makeup


Aside from being a major life event and, like, an awesome party, for many people a wedding is also an excuse to get all made up. And this can make a lot of sense! You’re probably going to be photographed a lot on your wedding day, and you want to look your best. But of course you get to define what your “best” is. No matter what you may hear, you don’t need to have your wedding hair and makeup done professionally. If makeup isn’t your thing, or you want to do your own hair, go for it! Whether wedding hair and makeup is a top concern for you or you want to spend as little time and money on it as you can, our guide has you covered!



If you already have a stylist or makeup artist who you like and who can handle the task, then start by asking them! If you want to find someone who specializes in doing hair or makeup for big events, do the usual web search. Be sure to read reviews! You can use Yelp to find highly-rated hair stylists and makeup artists in your area. There are hair stylists and makeup artists in a all kinds of price ranges, so start by looking for whatever fits best in your budget.


Before deciding to go with a particular hair stylist or makeup artist, meet to discuss the look you’re going for and bring photos to illustrate. For a makeup artist you may even bring photos of yourself wearing makeup that photographed well to give the artist a better idea of what works for you. The most important thing to keep in mind in your interviews  is that you should work with people who make you feel great. You want the person who is prepping you for the big event to have a positive energy to get the day started off right!

If the vibe feels right, you’ll want to book a trial to get a preview of what you’ll look like on the wedding day. For hiring a makeup artist, you should schedule at least one makeup trial. If you can fit it into your budget, you may want to go with a second trial closer to your wedding date.

Hair and Makeup for Your Besties

Hair and makeup for your wedding party and family will likely cost less. Perhaps much less! Be sure to ask in your interviews if you think you may want to all get your hair and makeup done by the same people. Also, if you’re expecting the hair stylist or makeup artist to come to you, you may need to figure in travel pricing. This can cost quite a bit more than going to the salon, so be prepared! Make sure all the details are clear and in writing to avoid any surprises. Check out our wedding vendor guide for more tips on reviewing contracts!


DIY Wedding Hair and Makeup Tips

With a little help from friends and family, you can totally DIY your wedding hair and makeup. Just keep the following tips in mind!


Doing your own hair for your wedding really only requires the tools you probably already have and the help of a friend. The main thing is finding a great-looking hairdo that isn’t too tricky to DIY. If you need inspiration, there are plenty of ideas out there!



If you’re doing your own wedding makeup, you’ll want to apply a little more than for your daily routine (for the cameras). Other important things to keep in mind:

  • Practice, practice, practice. Don’t wait until the day of (or even the week of) to figure out your wedding makeup!
  • Avoid makeup with SPF–it can reflect light in undesirable ways in photos. You may be able to get away with a moisturizer with sun protection under a regular foundation, but be sure to…
  • Test your makeup with photos. Make sure your makeup looks as great on camera as it does in “real life”.

If you’re concerned about getting your wedding-day makeup just right, there are plenty of advice out there from makeup experts.


Get Started – App and Website Preview

When you make changes to your Joy wedding site from the dashboard, you can see a preview of what the changes will look like on the right side of the screen.

  • Try making some changes to different event pages and toggle between “App Preview” and “Website Preview.”

preview site and app

  • You can also click the eye icon in the top right corner to go directly to your website. If you’re using a mobile device you can also choose to go to the Joy app.

eye icon

  • If you’ve had some photos taken of your hair and makeup trials, you can add them and see how they will look on your site and on the app!

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