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8 Ideas for a Perfect Home Proposal

by Bailey Gaddis
8 Ideas for a Perfect Home Proposal

For couples that prefer lowkey moments over wild adventures, a simple marriage proposal at home is an ideal way to start the next phase of their life together. Not only does a proposal in your personal oasis often cost less than other options, but it also allows for more flexibility and privacy for the post-proposal kiss. Not to mention that it’s one of the best proposal options during the ongoing pandemic. While some might think a home proposal sounds humdrum, there are numerous ways to infuse this monumental milestone with romance, intrigue, and even a splash of sexiness.

How to Prep

Time It Well

Be sure you have time to accomplish the following tasks by playing hooky from work while your partner is out, or asking a friend or family member to keep them occupied as you set up.

Clean the House, Then Spruce It Up

Walking into your home that has unexpectedly become pristine is one of the best feelings ever. Start your proposal plans off right by organizing and cleaning the house before your girlfriend or boyfriend returns.

You can kick the surprise up a notch by reorganizing furniture your partner has been wanting to move, putting out fresh flowers, or buying a few decorative pillows, a throw, or other household items that match your partner’s style.

Take Care of Their Chores

Discreetly discover what tasks your significant other needs to take care of such as laundry, grocery shopping, dry cleaning pick-up, and other no-hum activities, and do it for them. Realizing you’ve wiped away many of their To-Dos will put them in an insta-good mood, an ideal state of mind for the romantic proposal around the corner.

Think About How to Treat Their Five Senses

As a final touch, think about how to please your special someone’s five senses. For example, light some candles or turn on an essential oil diffuser for scent, ensure the temperature is in your partner’s ideal range for touch, put on a favorite playlist for sound, prepare their favorite drink or snack for taste, and all the work you’ve done to clean and spruce will satisfy sight.

Proposal Ideas at Home (After You’ve Prepped)

1. Recreate a Favorite Vacation Destination

If your soon-to-be-fiancé has a special destination they’re always wanderlusting for, decorate your space to reflect the aesthetic of that distinctive place. Top it off by cooking or ordering-in food from the prevalent culture of that locale and playing music common to the area. If you really want to wow, hand your honey tickets to said destination after the proposal—who said you need to wait for your honeymoon to indulge in a getaway?

2. Prepare Their Perfect Meal

If you’re getting ready to propose to a foodie, impress them by cooking the meal (or ordering from their favorite eatery) that always makes their mouth water, and look up what beverage goes best with the meal. To make the experience exceptional, serve the food on your finest dishes. If you’re lacking in fine dishes, go treasure hunting at an antique or thrift shop where you can often score porcelain goods.

3. Create Classic Romance

This home proposal idea offers up one of the most romantic ways to propose: gathering and thoughtfully presenting timeless items such as rose petals, a bubble bath, and a gift basket of champagne and chocolate-covered strawberries.

4. Plan a Surprise Party

For couples that are both homebodies and social butterflies, a surprise proposal party at home with your loved ones could be the ideal way to pop the question. To pull it off, contact your invitees and swear them to secrecy. Then, ask one of the guests to plan on getting your person out of the house on Proposal Day so you can decorate and get the party-goers in their Surprise Places.

Fun décor for this type of party includes engagement ring balloons, a Will you marry me? banner, and lots of flowers and hearts. Finally, get down on one knee when she or he arrives.

5. Have a Taco Night, Replete with a Piñata

If you and your partner have a fond place in your heart for Mexican culture, infuse that vibrancy into your proposal by buying the goods for taco night. But this will be a taco night like none other because you’re also going to buy a piñata.

Fill the piñata of your choosing with your partner’s favorite candies, or other small (non-breakable) items, and the ring box—and make sure the ring stays safe by storing it in a box that’s wrapped in bubble wrap or another padded material. After you polish off your tacos, bust open that piñata and celebrate the “Si!” with a classic Mexican dessert such as churros or flan.

6. Ask with Scrabble

For this home proposal idea, challenge your special someone to a game of Scrabble and spell out Will you marry me? about halfway through the game. To make sure you have the right letters, stash them in your pocket, or another hidden yet accessible spot, before the game.

7. Build a Backyard Wonderland with a “Marry Me?” Sign

Set up a whimsical setting in your backyard by laying out rich textiles, like velvet, that you cover with battery-powered candles, a tray with wine, champagne, or your almost-fiancé’s drink of choice, and a platter of other opulent goodies. If you have a safe place for a fire, light it up and set out fixings for s’mores. Now for the sign. Go all out by spelling Marry Me? in twinkle lights against an easily-visible surface, so she or he will see it as soon as they walk outside.

8. Bury a Treasure

This home proposal idea is perfect if you’re a gardener. Place the engagement ring at the bottom of a small box, then cover it with mementos from your relationship such as special photos, little notes, shells, keepsakes, or other meaningful items. Next, bury the box in your garden. Do some actual gardening for thirty minutes or so before running in to tell your honey to come outside because you found something buried you need their help digging up. Then, go on a treasure hunt, but let them do the honors of pulling up the riches.

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