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How To Create a Guest Profile in Joy

by Aubrey Bach
How To Create a Guest Profile in Joy

One of the coolest features of Joy is that it brings your guests closer together, even before your wedding starts. One way that we make that possible is with guest profiles. Everybody who RSVPs to your Joy wedding and downloads the app can create a unique profile where they can tell other guests about themselves. With Guest Profiles, guests can share information about themselves and find out what your other guests are all about. And creating a guest profile with Joy the App is so easy that your Great Aunt Frederica can do it.

Here is how to create a guest profile in Joy the App:

  1. When you get an invitation to join a Joy wedding, click on the email and you’ll be taken to the Joy homepage. Select “Join Wedding” and enter the secret code in the email invitation.
  1. If this is your first Joy wedding, create your username and password, or log in with your existing username and password if you have used Joy before for a different wedding.
  1. Type your name and select a profile picture or upload a new one.
  1. Let the couple know if you will be attending the wedding or not. Even if you RSVP “no” to the actual wedding, you can still see other guests’ profiles and create one yourself.
  1. Answer any questions, add fun facts about yourself, and share any information that you think other guests might find interesting.
  1. Once your profile is complete, you will be able to access photos, schedule and travel tips for the wedding.

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