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Inspiration » Wedding Planning » How To Plan the Perfect Garden Wedding In Australia

How To Plan the Perfect Garden Wedding In Australia

by Joy Editors
How To Plan the Perfect Garden Wedding In Australia

There is no denying that gardens provide one of the most beautiful settings for any wedding. Being around nature and green plant life ensures that there is a beautiful backdrop for one of the most special days in your life. However, there is no denying that planning a garden wedding can be a little bit more challenging. So, with that being said, continue reading for some helpful tips on how to plan the perfect garden wedding in Australia.
perfect garden wedding
Consider the season – The first ingredient when it comes to a successful garden wedding is to choose the date of your wedding with care. This may sound obvious. However, a lot of people make the mistake of visiting a venue and then assuming it is going to be as they witnessed when it comes to their wedding date. However, unless you visit around the same month that you are going to have your wedding, then the garden is going to look slightly different because different plants will be in season. Most garden venues will have something to offer come rain or shine. However, it does help to find out about what sort of changes you should expect in terms of when you get married.

Choose an experienced photographer – There is more emphasis on choosing wedding photography services with care when you have a garden wedding. After all, the photographer is going to have more to contend with. They will need to make sure they get all of the best shots before the natural light starts to disappear. This is why it is so important to hire an experienced wedding photographer. Take a look at the work that they have done so far and make sure that your wedding is not going to be the first garden wedding they have experience with. After all, you do not want to be someone’s practise project.

Define the space – Aside from the tips and suggestions that have already been mentioned so far, it is important to define the space when it comes to garden weddings. Yes, there are some gardens that are already formal. This means that they have the likes of trellises, manicured hedgerows, and brick patios, which will logically determine the ideal flow for your wedding event. However, there are other gardens that are more unstructured. If this is the case, you need to ensure that there is a logical breakup of the garden space.
planning a garden wedding
Dress the set – You should also make sure that you dress the set. The good news is that you won’t have to spend a lot or put in a lot of extra effort in this regard. After all, any extra decor is not really going to be necessary when you are surrounded by so much natural splendour. The best thing to do is look for little ways that you can make the space your own. This should not be too difficult to do, as Pinterest and Instagram have become a haven for wedding decor, so you will find plenty of ideas here.

Consider catering carefully – Aside from the tips that have already been mentioned, you also need to make sure you consider your catering options carefully. For most garden weddings, outside caterers are needed. You need to consider your budget and the number of people that are going to be attending. You need to make sure that your choice of food fits in with your garden theme and setting. For example, you may want to do a hog roast for evening guests rather than spending money on a buffet. The options are endless and people are getting more and more adventurous with their choice of food.

Protect against unforeseen guests – Last but not least, is nothing worse than going to a wedding and finding yourself spending the entire time trying to swat unwanted mosquitos away. However, if you do not consider this, you could find yourself with a big problem on your hands. After all, fauna and flora tend to be accompanied by guests that are uninvited – not just mosquitos but the likes of bees and ants too. From pre-event spray to using citronella candles, there are so many different ways that you can deal with this sort of issue.

So there you have it: some helpful and useful tips that you can use to create the perfect farm wedding.

Have any more garden wedding tips? Leave a comment below!

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