How Do You Feel About Multiple Choice Questions? Great, Grand, or Wonderful?

    When you’re planning for a big event (namely, your wedding) you have to gather all sorts of information beyond a simple Attending vs. Not Attending. Prior to today, Joy didn’t support multiple choice questions—and we know that was a pain point for a lot of our couples. In an effort to revamp our entire guest management, we’ve made lots of recent changes. We’ve updated our RSVP builder to be more intuitive for your guests, we launched the much-anticipated +1s, and now, we finally support multiple choice RSVP questions! Yay!

    First, you want to navigate to your RSVP questions from your admin panel.

    Once you’re there, scroll to the very bottom of the page where you’ll see the option to add a question.

    Click! That! Button! And you’ll see the option to add a plain text questions, but now (drumroll, please!) you’ll see the option to add a custom multiple choice question!

    Now go wild! Ask anything!  

    How about: What would you like for dinner? Beef? Chicken? Vegetarian?

    You can also do things like change the name of the topic (how it will show up in your Guest List), reorder your questions, and decide who gets asked what.

    And, most importantly, those answers will populate in your Guest List so you can keep track of the things that are most important for planning your special day. 

    Ask us anything!

    Do you have questions about the way Multiple Choice questions work? Do you need some suggestions for how to craft the perfect questions for your guests? Just drop us a line at



    Cali Pitchel

    Cali Pitchel is Joy’s Director of Marketing. She lives in San Francisco with her soon-to-be-husband and three houseplants. She was born in Boston, raised in Arizona, is a voracious reader, a lover of the great outdoors, and a photography junkie.




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