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How to Connect Honeyfund with Your Joy Website

by Kelsey Vickers
How to Connect Honeyfund with Your Joy Website

The Modern Registry

A wedding website is a great way to communicate the details of your big day, the who’s who of your wedding party, and even provide links directly to your online registry. In one of our most recent articles, we discussed how traditional registries are becoming a thing of the past. It’s out with the new cookware and in with the cash. A cash registry can help support a new home purchase or renovations, newlywed date nights, and even fund your honeymoon.

If you’re choosing a cash registry or having a traditional and a cash option, your Joy site can host both… in one convenient spot! In this case, we’re discussing how to connect your Joy account easily with your Honeyfund page. Leaving your guests one quick, accessible click away from bringing your dream honeymoon to life!

Connecting your Honeyfund Account

Once you have logged into your Joy account, you will add your registries to your page. Starting in your dashboard, click the “Registry” option.

Just as any page in your dashboard, you’ll see your phone app preview on the right while editing. Under “Manage your wedding registries”, click “Add” in the top right corner.

The pop-up window will look like the image below, you’ll want to click on “Add Existing” and paste your Honeyfund link (found under your ‘Share’ tab on into the “Your Personal Registry Url”. Here, you can also choose a display name that your guests will see if an image is not automatically generated.

Simply click, “LINK TO JOY” and your Honeyfund account will add to your registries list.

Once completed, visit your live site to see how a guest will view your registry page! 

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