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Inspiration » Wedding Planning » 5 (More) Questions For: Emma Weiss Photo

5 (More) Questions For: Emma Weiss Photo

by Cali Pitchel
5 (More) Questions For: Emma Weiss Photo

Emma Weiss is back! You’ve seen her lovely images in a Vendor Spotlight, she’s photographed a handful of Joy couples, and she answered a first round of “5 Questions For….” This Baltimore-based, coffee-loving wedding photographer answers more of your questions about wedding photography!

(P.s. If you have a question for a wedding vendor, here’s the place to ask…anything!)

1. What printed formats are you comfortable with?

When I deliver prints and albums, I use a third party that I know well and trust to give you the best quality prints possible – so, I suppose any printed formats! I use a local print lab in Maryland that I love and an album company that is widely-used and trusted by photographers. I want to give you the best quality physical images as possible because I believe that holding tangible photographs is so important and such a beautiful way to experience your images.

2. What do you consider your photography style?

It’s always so hard for me to come up with a concrete answer to this – talking about my own work doesn’t come naturally to me, so bear with me as I word vomit a little! I always want to create artful and authentic images, but more than that, I want my couples to be able to see their images, remember those moments, and think, “We had fun doing that.” I hope that my work conveys a laid-back and relaxed vibe; I don’t work with strict poses and I prefer to watch for how you interact and little moments between the two of you (or throughout your wedding day) that I can document and bring you back to through the years.

3. What is your backup plan in case you can’t make it to my wedding on the day of because of illness or an emergency?

Just like I have a handful of talented second photographers I work with in the area, my backup plan is to use them in case of emergency. Since I trust their incredible work and value their artistry and ability, I know that you’ll be in good hands. If you booked a second photographer with me anyway, they’d be the one to take my place for your day – if not, it is my job to find you the best replacement that I can. I’ll take care of you even if I can’t be there physically!

4. Will we have full rights to the images for re-prints, etc?

Yes! Once I deliver your photos, they’re yours for printing and sharing – though I do ask for credit when sharing on social media.

5. What is your favorite moment to capture at a wedding?

I know this is going to sound cliché but I really don’t have one! Every time I think of one moment and almost call it my favorite, I think of another and say to myself, “Ohhhh, I really love that too.” Preparations are so special because anticipation is running high and there are so many beautiful snippets between buttoning up a dress, buckling shoes, adjusting a tie, perfecting a curl.

The first look is incredible because beyond the reaction being one of the cutest things to photograph, it’s a quiet moment between you and your partner that you get to take before the whirlwind of the day starts. Bridal party portraits are so fun to get goofy with and get some hilarious shots; the ceremony almost always brings me to tears; cocktail hour is full of hugs and laughs; the reception is an absolute blast and I love having fun with guests and experimenting with creating unique dancing shots. It’s so hard for me to pick a favorite – maybe my favorite moment to capture at a wedding is the entire wedding!

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