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Inspiration » Honeymoons » Honeymoon Fund Wording Examples and Etiquette

Honeymoon Fund Wording Examples and Etiquette

by Jennifer Prince
honeymoon fund wording

In today’s world, couples value experiences over things. Whether it’s their first trip together or they’re seasoned travelers, many couples are opting for a honeymoon registry over retail gifts. But that begs the question: What’s the registry etiquette for honeymoon fund wording? From your wedding website to wedding shower invitations, we have you covered on ways to make your honeymoon wishes known politely. But first, let’s review the basics of honeymoon funds.

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Honeymoon Funds 101

Honeymoon funds are cash gifts from wedding guests to newlyweds to help pay for their honeymoon celebration. A honeymoon fund works very similarly to a wedding registry, except instead of giving gifts, wedding guests gift cash. Honeymoon funds are so popular that sometimes couples will explicitly ask wedding guests for honeymoon cash in lieu of traditional wedding gifts.

Benefits of a Honeymoon Fund

If you’re thinking about a honeymoon fund for your wedding, consider the many benefits:

  • Guests can contribute to an experience. Whether you have a wedding gift registry or not, some guests prefer to contribute to a honeymoon fund over a registry so they can be part of creating a memorable experience versus purchasing a material object.
  • Honeymoon funds make financial sense. Having a honeymoon fund means that your wedding guests can contribute as much money as they want to instead of having to choose from gift registry options that could be over their budget. It also helps reduce the chance that someone will double up on buying a wedding gift you already have or simply won’t use.
  • Gift-giving can be done online. Cash gifts for a honeymoon are popular because it’s a convenient way for guests to give. Once you set up your honeymoon fund online, you can make it open to your wedding guests, friends, and family to contribute. Before you set up your honeymoon fund, it’s important to remember that guests may not be able to give as much as they would like during times like an economic recession or unexpected hardships. 

Why Are Honeymoon Funds Important?

The average wedding cost is around $30,000, and that number does not include honeymoon expenses. Honeymoon funds are important simply because they help newlyweds save money. All newlyweds can benefit from creating a honeymoon fund, but couples on a tight budget will benefit the most.

Who Pays for the Honeymoon After a Wedding?

Traditionally, the groom’s family was responsible for paying for the honeymoon. These days, there are no hard or fast rules about who pays for the honeymoon. Instead, the decision usually comes down to the couple’s personal preferences. Other factors that might determine who pays for the honeymoon include:

  • Financial situation: Depending on the couple’s finances, they may receive help from family members or even rely on a loan to pay for a honeymoon. For couples who have experienced unexpected financial hardship or medical bills, a honeymoon fund may be the only way they can enjoy a romantic getaway post-wedding.
  • Cultural traditions: In Western culture, the couple themselves or the groom’s family typically pays for the honeymoon. But in other cultures around the world, the bride and her family may pay for the trip or the honeymoon cost gets split evenly between the two families.
  • Honeymoon fund contributions: A honeymoon fund works like a savings account, except all the savings go toward the post-wedding getaway. Depending on how much money is gifted to the couple’s honeymoon fund, they might have to spend more out-of-pocket. 
  • Personal relationships: Even if they aren’t a part of your wedding celebration, long-distance friends, work colleagues, and your community may chip in to help pay for the honeymoon. 

Should I Use a Honeymoon Fund Registry for My Wedding?

Yes. Nowadays, couples often have all they need to start married life before tying the knot. Combining households may leave newlyweds in a state of downsizing and purging, where the last thing they need is physical gifts. If this sounds like you, consider registering for a honeymoon instead!

Loved ones can contribute to the experience of a lifetime: your first trip together after you say “I do.” Not only can they help you get to your destination, but they can also give you gift cards, vouchers, and gift experiences like spa days and romantic dinners. Having a honeymoon registry ensures your wedding guests can purchase what you truly want and need to start your marriage.

How to Create a Honeymoon Fund Registry

Thanks to technology, creating a honeymoon fund registry online is easy, free, and generally takes only a few minutes to set up. The real work involved in creating your dream honeymoon fund is being crystal clear on the details and itemizing all of the experiences you need to fund. To help you and your partner get started, here’s how to set up your honeymoon fund registry.

Choose Your Honeymoon Fund Registry Site

There are various honeymoon fund registry sites available for you to use online, but not all are created equal. Before you decide on a registry, it’s essential to read reviews, terms and conditions, and clarify any fees associated with their service. For example, some honeymoon fund registries will charge you a fee based on the percentage of honeymoon funds you raise using their website. If you’re on a tight budget, consider a wedding website like Joy that doesn’t charge you any fees to run a honeymoon fund registry.

Decide How Much Money You Can Contribute to Your Honeymoon Fund

Before you set up your honeymoon fund, be sure you and your partner are on the same page about how much money will be coming out of your own pockets for your getaway. Whether it’s half the cost, a small percentage, or starting from scratch, this conversation can help set expectations regarding your honeymoon fundraising goal. Having a goal amount also helps guests know how much money to consider donating to help you experience the honeymoon of your dreams. 

Determine Your Honeymoon Fund Wording

Part of communicating your honeymoon fund wishes is being upfront and transparent with instructions for your guests. Communicating your wishes for all the gift-giving opportunities leading up to the big day, such as a wedding shower, is also essential. Everyone wants to give meaningful presents, so gently guiding your guests will ensure they aren’t spending money in vain. The best way to do this is by being clear in your honeymoon fund wording about what you hope to receive on your wedding day. 

How to Ask for Honeymoon Money Instead of Gifts

The easiest way to ask for honeymoon cash instead of a gift is to write a note on your wedding invitations or wedding website explicitly asking for cash instead of gifts. But it’s important to acknowledge that asking for money can feel awkward, and coming up with the right words to ask in a way that still feels polite can be tricky. To help you out, Joy has provided some honeymoon fund wording options so you can hit the right note with your guests and achieve your honeymoon goals, no matter what communication style you’re most comfortable with.

Honeymoon Fund Wording Examples and Templates

A couple embracing on their honeymoon on a bridge above a private pool, surrounded by palm trees and villas in the background

“In Lieu of Gifts” Honeymoon Fund Wording

One of the most popular ways couples ask for honeymoon funds instead of gifts is by using “in lieu of gifts” wording on your wedding invitations or wedding website. This kind of honeymoon fund wording is neutral and usually fits any casual or formal invitation style. Below are two popular “in lieu of gifts” wording templates created by Joy that you can use and adapt to your own voice.

“In Lieu of Gifts” Example #1

Dear Friends and Family,

As we prepare to embark on our new journey together, your presence at our wedding is the greatest gift we could ask for. However, if you would like to contribute to our special day, we have created a honeymoon fund instead of registering for traditional gifts. Your donation will help make our honeymoon unforgettable and create memories that will last a lifetime. To contribute, simply visit [insert link to your online honeymoon fund]. Thank you for your love and support. We can’t wait to celebrate with you!

\With love and gratitude, [Your Names]

“In Lieu of Gifts” Example #2

Dear Friends and Family,

As we join together to celebrate our wedding day, your love and support mean the world to us. If you’re considering a gift, we would be honored if you would contribute to our honeymoon fund instead. Your generosity will help us create unforgettable memories and start our lives together on an incredible adventure. Donations can be made at [insert link to your online honeymoon fund]. Thank you for being a part of our special day. We can’t wait to see you and share in the celebration!

With love and appreciation, [Your Names]

Honeymoon Fund Wording in Poem Form

Poetry is a fun and creative way for couples to ask for honeymoon funds politely. Depending on your wedding style, a poem may resonate more with your guests and make a bigger impression than an “in lieu of gifts” message. Here are two honeymoon fund wording options in poem form from Joy.

Poem Example #1

Roses are red; violets are blue, 
We can’t wait to share our big day with you!
Afterward, we’ll be on the way,
To our adventurous honeymoon getaway. 
There are ways to help us take flight,
Have a spa day or a date night. 
Be a part of our first married trip,
We’re so excited; we could flip!

To contribute, simply visit [insert link to online honeymoon fund].

With sincere appreciation, [Your Names]

Poem Example #2

We’re getting married; we can’t wait! 
Then we’re off on a honeymoon date. 
The flights are booked, and the hotel is set.
But all our household needs are met. 
We decided to establish a fund for our trip,
So into our savings, we don’t have to dip. 
Our honeymoon fund will help us flee.
Contributing is easy as can be!

Donations can be made at [insert link to online honeymoon fund].

Love and gratitude, [Your Names]

Short Honeymoon Fund Wording Examples

Sometimes, it’s best to keep your honeymoon fund wording short and sweet. A short request will quickly get your point across to your wedding guests. The downside is that this type of wording can sometimes feel less personal, so you should demonstrate thanks and appreciation where you can. Below, Joy has provided two short wording examples you can use and adjust for your own use.

Short Example #1

Our wedding wouldn’t be the same without your presence. However, when it comes to presents, please be aware that we would appreciate a donation towards our honeymoon fund in place of wedding gifts. To contribute, simply visit [insert link to your online honeymoon fund]. With sincere appreciation, [Your Names]

Short Example #2

A contribution toward our honeymoon fund instead of a gift is much appreciated. Donations can be made at [insert link to your online honeymoon fund]. Love and gratitude, [Your Names]

Formal Honeymoon Fund Wording Examples

Formal honeymoon fund wording allows for more personalization and added detail than short wording options. This type of wording may take up extra space on your invitations, too, so make sure to account for that in your design. Below are two formal wording examples from Joy you can use.

Formal Example #1

We are excited to start our lives together, and we are thankful for our loved ones. As we enter our marriage, we realize that we have enough belongings. Therefore, we have decided to plan the honeymoon of our dreams. Our wedding registry includes a honeymoon fund along with personalized experiences — such as excursions, meals, and spa days — that can be given as wedding gifts. We are excited to share our special day with you, and we also look forward to providing glimpses into our honeymoon when we return. Thank you!

To contribute, simply visit [insert link to your online honeymoon fund].

With sincere appreciation, [Your Names]

Formal Example #2

Dear Honored Guests,

As we celebrate the beginning of our life together, your presence at our wedding is the most meaningful gift we could receive. Nevertheless, should you feel compelled to offer a token of your congratulations, we would be grateful for your contribution to our honeymoon fund. Your kindness will assist us in creating memories that will last a lifetime.

Donations can be made at [insert link to your online honeymoon fund]. We are deeply grateful for your support and cannot wait to celebrate this special day with you.

With sincere appreciation, [Your Names]

Informal Honeymoon Fund Wording Examples

Informal wording is the most flexible way to approach your honeymoon fund request. It allows the couple’s personality to shine through while also feeling down to earth. Here are two informal honeymoon fund wording examples from Joy you can use.

Informal Example #1

We are thrilled about our wedding, and we hope you can attend! Because we are combining households, we have more than enough stuff. So, instead of a traditional wedding registry, we have decided to establish a honeymoon fund. Contributing to our fund will help pay for our honeymoon — you can also give us specific gifts, such as date nights, spa treatments, and adventurous excursions. We can’t wait to head off on our honeymoon, and we’ll be sharing lots of photos of our time.

To contribute, simply visit [insert link to your online honeymoon fund].

With sincere appreciation, [Your Names]

Informal Example #2

Hey everyone!

We can’t believe the big day is almost here, and we’re so excited to celebrate with all of you! Your presence at our wedding is the best gift we could ask for, but if you’re still thinking about getting us something, we’ve got a different idea. We’d love it if you could contribute to our honeymoon fund instead! Your donation will help us create memories that will last a lifetime.

You can make a contribution at [insert link to your online honeymoon fund]

Thanks for being a part of our special day. We can’t wait to celebrate with you!

Love and gratitude, [Your Names]

Where to Place Honeymoon Fund Wording

The best place to alert guests to your honeymoon wishes, among other details related to wedding planning, is on your wedding website. Older guests are used to the traditional wedding registry, so your website is a great place to fully explain that instead of a cash gift or physical items, loved ones can easily contribute to your honeymoon fund.

Other personalized communications — like save the dates, RSVP cards, and wedding invitations — can also make guests aware that you’re using a honeymoon registry. While you’ll still have guests who want to give you a tangible wedding gift, most will be excited about helping to send you somewhere after your special day.

Frequently Asked Questions About Honeymoon Funds and Wording

How does Joy’s honeymoon fund work?

Joy’s honeymoon fund is similar to a wedding registry. Sign up for an account, then set up your honeymoon fund. It’s free, and you can easily access it using the Joy mobile app.

How do you word a cash fund for a honeymoon?

The best way to word a cash fund for a honeymoon ultimately depends on the couple’s personality, preferences, and wedding style. However, asking for cash “in lieu of gifts” is the most common way to word a honeymoon cash fund. (See above for specific examples from Joy that you can use.)

How do you explain a honeymoon fund?

If you need to easily explain a honeymoon fund to your loved ones, try this language: Think of it like a wedding registry, but instead of getting traditional gifts, the couple receives money to spend on travel and experiences for their honeymoon.

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