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Inspiration » Honeymoons » 8 Best Honeymoon Fund Registries for Newlywed Wanderlust

8 Best Honeymoon Fund Registries for Newlywed Wanderlust

by Joy Editors
newlywed couple relaxing in front of ocean during their honeymoon

After the wedding and reception ends, your dream honeymoon vacation can begin. The best part — you and your spouse won’t need to cover the entire cost if you set up a honeymoon fund registry. Nowadays, cash and honeymoon funds are increasingly popular wedding gift options on registries, allowing loved ones to graciously help cover the expenses. So, which is the best honeymoon fund registry?

Whether you’re planning for a relaxing beachside destination or adrenaline-rush experiences, we’ve rounded up the top honeymoon registries to satisfy your wanderlust.

Joy: All-in-One Newlywed Platform

Between vendor decisions, guest lists, and travel logistics, wedding and honeymoon planning can feel overwhelming — but it doesn’t have to be. 

Our platform is a one-stop shop for newlyweds, giving you more time to create lasting memories and celebrate your love. You can use it to knock out all the most pressing tasks: create a custom wedding website, send save the dates and invitations, and build a registry, all for free on the Joy platform.

There’s also the priceless convenience of a universal, all-in-one wedding registry, allowing you to combine cash funds and traditional gifts. On a single list, request gift cards, cash, and your choice of thousands of experience destination packages. You can also add “goal amounts” for your airfare, hotel stay, and more.

With zero-fee cash fund options, Joy doesn’t charge couples or their guests on any contributions through CashApp, Venmo, or Paypal, allowing you to receive 100% of your guests’ contributions. There’s also an option for payments through credit cards with Stripe for a small processing fee, allowing your guests to choose from a multitude of options. 

Features You’ll Love: 

Things to Consider:

  • No direct partnerships with resorts or airlines (for an all-inclusive honeymoon package)
  • Credit card processing fees

A Honeymoon Registry with Zero Fees

Whether it’s for airfare, a hotel stay, or honeymoon travel experiences, create one list for all your honeymoon wishes.

Honeyfund: Intuitive Fund Collecting

Honeyfund is one of the earliest cash fund registries. Its platform lets you set up a funding page for free, allowing you to crowdfund and save for your honeymoon, wedding costs, a home down payment, charity, or any savings goal. For honeymoons, the platform has dozens of deals and discounts with travel brands.

Guests can send fee-free donations as direct cash or gift cards to your unique funding page. As for receiving donations, U.S.-based couples can redeem them through The Honeyfund Wallet via Venmo, PayPal, or digital gift cards for free. You can also opt for direct deposit to your bank through Stripe or PayPal for a processing fee.  

Honeyfund users can create a custom landing page to include a wishlist of experiences, a simple donation link, or zero-fee gift cards spanning hundreds of popular dining, shopping, and travel brands. You also have the option to share the honeymoon fund website page as the main link, or sync it to a wedding website of your choice.

view of beachside resort with pool and cabanas as a honeymoon destination
Source: Honeyfund

Features You’ll Love: 

  • Dozens of vacation packages, travel deals, and discounts 
  • Can assign funds to specific activities of a trip
  • Direct deposit options for immediate access

Things to Consider:

  • No tangible/traditional gifts; solely for travel activities
  • Processing fee for direct deposits

Blueprint: Straightforward Platform

Blueprint, a product of David’s Bridal, is a free and easy-to-use platform that functions as both a wedding website and a registry. You can create your wedding registry and add a honeymoon fund, itemizing your contributions for hotel stays, airline tickets, activities, and more. There are also pre-packaged experiences that you can select to personalize your trip. 

The platform lets you mix traditional and cash wedding gifts, as well as import an existing registry.. It does charge a credit card processing fee, but guests have the option to cover the cost or couples can opt to deduct it from their total contributions.

Features You’ll Love: 

  • Pre-packaged travel experience lists
  • Dual wedding website and registry
  • Itemized honeymoon gift options

Things to Consider:

  • Credit card processing fee

Hitchd: Ultimate Customization

Hitchd’s registry has one singular focus on cash funds, letting you personalize and share details of your honeymoon experience with loved ones. It provides a sample honeymoon registry that you can customize or search through an organized list of experiences like flights, accommodations, and activities to itemize as fundable gifts. 

Once created, you launch your honeymoon registry page for a one-time fee and share it with guests. Hitchd allows guests to contribute via various payment options, including credit cards, Bitcoin, Wise, Zelle, and more, through which they can send money directly into your bank account. 

Additionally, you personally thank each contributor directly through the Hitch platform using customizable thank-you notes and photos from your trip. 

Features You’ll Love: 

  • Sample honeymoon registry for inspiration
  • Customizable gift experiences 
  • Several payment options
  • Direct deposit for immediate access to funds

Things to Consider:

  • One-time launch fee
  • Not made for traditional/tangible gifts or wedding planning

Traveler’s Joy: Inspired Experience Planning

With a dedication to helping couples make memories, Traveler’s Joy is another one of the earliest honeymoon fund platforms. With a travel-centric platform, couples can easily set up a page of their dream honeymoon activities, formulate a goal, and share the registry with wedding guests. 

Traveler’s Joy has a one-step registration and curated sample registries, where you can customize travel plans using thousands of photos from its gift image library. While it charges a fee for guests using credit cards, several payment options are available that are fee-free, including cash, check, and direct transfer. 

You can also send auto-generated thank-you notes to your guests through the platform. While Traveler’s Joy isn’t designed to create wedding websites, it has partnerships with popular wedding platforms that allow it to do so. 

view of motorboat in the ocean as a travel experience for newlyweds
Source: Traveler’s Joy

Features You’ll Love: 

  • Monthly raffle bonus funds to registered couples
  • Google Map integration of destinations
  • Direct deposit options

Things to Consider:

  • Gift redemption fees for international transfers
  • Doesn’t double as a traditional wedding registry or website

Honeymoon Wishes: Live Support

With over 20 years in business, Honeymoon Wishes is a pioneer in honeymoon planning. You can sign up for free and create your wishlist using a sample registry as inspiration or choose from hundreds of travel destinations and unique experiences to build out your itinerary. They also offer live customer service from Monday to Friday, 7 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Honeymoon Wishes has destination and partner hotels all over the world, including Carnival Cruises, Sandals Resorts, and Disney. You can select items like a romantic dinner for two, couples’ massages, and tours to your registry or create your own gift ideas by itemizing the cost of each experience. 

Once created, you can share your honeymoon registry on a custom wedding website with RSVP features. Gift givers who visit the registry can also send a personalized message on a digital or printed card. Users can receive their funds free of charge via gift cards or through check and direct deposit for a processing fee.

Features You’ll Love: 

  • Exclusive partnerships with popular travel and hospitality brands
  • Sample registry with itinerary suggestions
  • Live customer service

Things to Consider:

  • Credit card and check processing fees
  • Travel/experiences aren’t booked through Honeymoon Wishes

The Knot: Dual Registry Capabilities

The Knot wedding planning platform has a newlywed fund option that couples can use for whatever they like, including contributions for honeymoon trips. Setting up a cash fund registry is free, which you can customize with fund names and amounts, share with guests, and track the money you receive. 

Travel experience gift items are available through its partnership with Spur Experience. To redeem funds, you can receive gift cards or funds directly into your bank account for a transaction fee. You can also create a wedding website to sync with your registry.

Features You’ll Love: 

  • Multipurpose cash fund
  • Dual cash and traditional wedding registry
  • Thousands of travel experiences and activities available

Things to Consider:

  • No direct partnerships with resorts or airlines
  • Credit card fees

Zola: Discounted Cash Fund Transfers 

Zola is a dual wedding planning and registry platform that offers cash funds to use as honeymoon funds. Easily create a page and specify the amount you’d like to receive. You can create fully customizable funds for plane tickets, honeymoon resorts, and more, as well as start cash funds for your favorite charities. 

Guests can contribute what they want or fixed amounts and pay directly through your page via PayPal, Venmo, or credit cards for a 2.5% transaction fee. You have the option to transfer your funds directly to your bank account or convert them to Zola store credit, for which they include a 5% bonus. 

Features You’ll Love: 

  • Itemized cash fund gift selections
  • Additional 5% Zola store discount for cash fund transfers 
  • Gift cards from popular travel and hospitality brands

Things to Consider:

  • Credit card transaction fee for direct deposits
  • No direct partnerships with resorts or airlines

How to Make the Most of Your Honeymoon Fund 

Now that you have an idea of where to register a honeymoon fund, the next step is the fun part — officially setting it up. While requesting monetary gifts is increasingly common, there may still be some people who feel uncomfortable donating them. 

With that in mind, here are a few etiquette tips to follow when creating and sharing with guests.

         five rules of honeymoon fund etiquette

Personalize your registry 

With Joy templates and customizing features, you can create an exciting honeymoon fund registry representing your unique relationship story. Our easy-to-use platform removes the obstacles between guests and your honeymoon fund.  

Set clear expectations 

You’ll want to break down your honeymoon vacation into specific experiences and items that “paint a picture” of your itinerary. For example, share the location and mention your accommodation, tours, and dinner plans for the perfect romantic getaway. This strategy makes it more personal than a typical “donations” page, where guests can see that newlyweds are planning a full experience and how they can help achieve it. 

Include traditional registry items

Don’t forgo the traditional wedding registry just yet. It’s still a good idea to include tangible gift items with your honeymoon fund. This way, there are options for wedding guests who prefer the more traditional route, and you can request travel essentials, such as new luggage, to complement your trip experience.  

Share it with guests

When it’s time to spread the word, be transparent yet respectful when expressing your preference for monetary gifts. There are ways to word honeymoon fund requests and strategically promote them in a polite manner, such as:

  • Writing a formal note about donations in lieu of gifts on wedding invitations
  • Placing a link to the honeymoon fund on your wedding website

Don’t forget the thank-you notes! 

Expressing gratitude is a must when it comes to any gift, especially monetary. Thankfully (no pun intended), you can customize messages and send thank-you notes directly through your Joy wedding platform. Include photos from the trip to show your appreciation as well as the impact of their contributions to your honeymoon. 

With Joy’s all-in-one wedding registry, newlyweds have everything they need to plan, fund, and share ideas for the perfect honeymoon.

Your wedding registry, your way

From gifts, to cash funds, experiences or charitable causes, add any gift you want, from any online retailer, to your Joy registry.

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