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Inspiration » Registries + Gifts » Saying ‘I Do’ to Couples Therapy: The Latest Must-Have Item on Joy’s Wedding Registry

Saying ‘I Do’ to Couples Therapy: The Latest Must-Have Item on Joy’s Wedding Registry

by Joy Editors

Joy, leading wedding planning and registry platform, and Ours, modern-day relationship wellness company offering virtual couples therapy and premarital counseling, are coming together to help set your marriage up for success, every step of the way.

This first-ever partnership between a registry and couples therapy provider now allows couples to get the gift of premarital counseling and further strengthen their relationship before they say ‘I Do.’

Couples Therapy Survey

While a Joy survey found that almost one in four (23.2%) of Joy couples would be interested in adding a couples therapy package, a commissioned, gen-pop survey validated the wider, growing support and optimistic sentiment around premarital counseling.

  • 87% of participants supported the idea of taking part in couples therapy/pre-marital counseling (for yourself and/or others) before getting married

  • 65% of participants consider couples therapy as a proactive step to plan for a successful future

  • 91% of participants believe couples therapy and/or premarital counseling is important for a successful marriage, with 38% saying it’s “very important”

  • 68% of participants know couples (including themselves, if applicable) who have done couples therapy and had a positive experience with it

Value of Premarital Counseling

Research has shown that the number one predictor of one’s health and happiness is the quality of one’s relationships. Designed for young, modern couples, Ours believes that it’s never too early to proactively invest in your relationship and is de-stigmatizing the belief that therapy is just for the bad times, when in reality its most valuable in ongoing relationship maintenance.

An Ours Proactive Therapy or Premarital Counseling package can be added to your registry in 1, 4 or 8 session packages, that include 50 minute virtaul sessions. You’ll be hand matched with an expert couples therapist to talk about the big stuff like communication, finances, family planning, and more. You’ll additionally get access to connection card decks and other tools to help dive into the topics all couples should talk about before getting married.

Couples can also add a 12 month Relationship Health Package that allows couples to holistically invest in and protect what matters most: their relationship health. Ours flexes with couples through all stages of their relationship and is making couples therapy more exciting, acceptable and routine. This is a great option for couples to engage with in the first year after their wedding.

Wedding Planning Tips from a Couple’s Therapist

Benu Lahiry, LMFT and Chief Clinical Officer at Ours shares her three top tips for couples to have a successful engagement while navigating the stress of wedding planning:

  • Prioritize together: Anchor on what’s important to you and your partner before involving third parties like wedding planners.

  • Define where you’re flexible: Understand where there is flexibility and where there is not, such as budget limits and guest count.

  • Continuous Communication: Continue to check in with each other to ensure you’re on the same page throughout the wedding planning process.

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