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Inspiration » Wedding Planning » 6 Tips for Hiring a Wedding Band You’ll Love

6 Tips for Hiring a Wedding Band You’ll Love

by Allison Hata
wedding band


Having a live band can add a certain atmosphere to your reception. They can even be a part of your ceremony and provide music to accompany you down the aisle in style. Though it may not be for everyone (see our guide to wedding DJs for other music options), having a wedding band can be great whether you’re going for a classic feel or something totally unique. It’s truly a way to make your wedding your own.


Your vendors may be able to recommend a band who are pros at weddings. Or you may already have a great local band in mind! The right band can get the party going and also be the perfect soundtrack for the intimate moments of your reception. If having a wedding band is your thing, we’ve got some tips to help you get started!


1. Get creative

The first step to finding a wedding band is deciding what kind of music you want. You can have any type of band at your wedding, provided you are able to find willing musicians at the right price. While there are certainly bands who specialize in weddings, you don’t have to limit yourself to these. You can hire music students from a local university or conservatory, a local indie band, or any kind of musician that adds the right cultural or thematic touch.


2. But keep your venue in mind

Your venue may have rules that affect what kind of musicians you can have, however. Be aware of the size of the band your venue can accommodate. Your venue may also have noise limits and a curfew that make some musical options harder to pull off.

Ask the band how will they will dress for the occasion as well. A band that is dressed too casually may seem out of place in very formal setting, and vice versa.


3. See a live show

Ideally you’ll be able to see the band in action before the day of your wedding. You can ask the band if you can drop in on a performance to get an idea of how they would fit with your wedding. If that’s not an option, hopefully they can provide you plenty of videos of their live shows. When you’re watching the band, think about how they would fit in to the context of your wedding. Other than the music itself, take note of any on-stage banter between songs and how the band makes announcements (if applicable).

And if the band invites you to watch them at a wedding, make sure to ask them not to invite strangers to your wedding if that’s not something you want.


4. Ask the right questions

Once you’ve found a band that seems like a great fit, it’s important to make sure they’re right for your wedding by asking good questions. The band’s flexibility may be particularly important for the occasion. You want to know how much they will adapt to what you want for your wedding. Some important questions to ask:

  • Will they accept requests, either from you or from guests?
  • Are they willing to learn any new songs for the event?
  • Are they willing to make wedding announcements?

It’s also important to ask questions about logistics:

  • What equipment will they provide?
  • How much space will they need?
  • Are they able to stay late if necessary and will there be an extra charge in that case?

5. Book your wedding band early

Ideally, you should start getting your wedding entertainment lined up as soon as you’ve secured a venue. It’s especially important to book a wedding band early if your wedding is during a popular time. Even if you aren’t getting married during the peak months, and weddings aren’t the band’s primary business, you’ll sleep more soundly knowing the band you want won’t be booked by someone else on your wedding day.


6. Get a contract!

The band you hire will be joining your wedding team, and you should get all the important details in writing. This includes the exact services they will provide, when and how much you need to pay, and start and end. Check out our guide to hiring vendors for more tips on vetting vendors and what to look for in contracts!


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Your wedding site should reflect your wedding, and one way you can customize your site is by only enabling the relevant event pages. 

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