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Inspiration » international wedding stationery » Ask Brittany: What if I found “the” ring?

Ask Brittany: What if I found “the” ring?

by Brittany Richardson
Ask Brittany: What if I found “the” ring?

I wouldn’t. First, don’t count your chickens, or in this case bridesmaids, before they hatch. Is there any chance he’s holding that ring for a friend? Secondly, I generally don’t advocate for secrets in relationships, but if weddings are “all about the bride” then the proposal is all about the groom.

Don’t take away his moment.

It could be that something special is already planned and he’s waiting for the right occasion or the planning is still in the works. There’s a lot of pressure, especially with our millennial obsession of social media, to make proposals snap worthy. Don’t take away his moment. Lastly, don’t rule out the possibility that he hasn’t made the final decision to pull the plug. Purchasing a ring is one thing, putting it on your finger is another. Trust me, you want him to be ready so let him take his time to be sure.

Shelby Deeter | Unsplash

In the meantime, think about if you ready for marriage and if he is really the one. Were you thinking about marriage before you found the bling? One of the leading causes for divorce is getting married for the wrong reasons. Don’t say yes just because he asked! Marriage is a huge decision and shouldn’t be rushed. If you’re absolutely about to spill the beans, why don’t you try asking about his feelings on the future in general and where he sees you guys in one, five, or 10 years. Career moves, kids, and of course marriage, are topics you guys want to be aligning on anyways.

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