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Inspiration » Blogger Spotlight » Blogger Spotlight: Woman Getting Married

Blogger Spotlight: Woman Getting Married

by Cali Pitchel
Blogger Spotlight: Woman Getting Married

Lindsay Jones is the brains and beauty (seriously…she’s gorgeous) behind the wedding blog, Woman Getting Married. Lindsay started writing WGM in 2009, when she was planning her own wedding. What started as a way to navigate the complexity of wedding planning soon became a job in itself. She left a career in editorial to pursue the blog full time, and now has over 400,000 brides- and grooms-to-be perusing it every month for the latest in venues, ideas, decor, and more!

I had the privilege of meeting Lindsay face-to-face during a quick visit to Los Angeles. I was struck by her spirit—she emanated a warmth that made me feel like I had known her for years. Somehow I convinced her, in spite of her very busy schedule, to answer a few questions about what she does and why she does it.

What was life like before Woman Getting Married?

In a way it was similar to what I’m doing now! I had been in the digital space for 10 years working as an editor at everything from entertainment to parenting websites, so my life then and now has been about building an online audience for brands…except this time it’s my own!

How did you get into wedding blogging and reviews?

Out of sheer frustration! Ha. When my husband and I got engaged we had an extremely hard time finding the perfect wedding venue. I’m from Miami and he’s from all over, so we were open to a ton of different locations, which I thought would have made our search easier but instead it made it way harder. On top of that I couldn’t find a website or book that offered me a curated selection of venues as well as their actual prices to see if they were in our budget. So, I just decided to start documenting all the venue information I found.


How has the industry evolved since you got started?

When I got engaged in 2009, wedding websites were far and few between. While there are now more and more websites to help couples plan their wedding, I hope the industry keeps evolving to give brides more than just pretty pictures to plan their big day, but the actual information they need. The more transparency in the industry around how much things will actually cost you, the better!

What do you love most about weddings? Why are you attracted to the wedding industry in particular?

I think it’s hands-down one of the most exciting times in your life. You’re starting a new chapter with your partner, and you’re planning what will most likely be the best party you’ll ever go to. What’s more fun than that?

Where is the most interesting venue you’ve visited or reviewed?

That’s like picking a favorite child! One of my favorite wedding venues in California is San Ysidro Ranch. It’s a celebrity favorite and you instantly know why when you drive onto the property. It’s romantic and intimate and if you have a celebrity budget you can rent out the entire property which I can’t even imagine…it would be amazing!

What love songs belong on every couple’s playlist?

My go-to artists are Billie Holiday, Chet Baker, and Van Morrison when I want to listen to something romantic. I also recently fell in love with this version of Where or When by Wynton Marsalis. I think it would make a gorgeous first dance song. For something more modern I compiled this list of songs that I listen to ALL the time.

What’s your favorite wedding trend—decor, rings, dresses, etc.?

I’m currently obsessed with East-West engagement rings and stacked wedding bands. I also just got back from New York Bridal Fashion Week and am ALL about boleros, a short jacket you can wear during the ceremony and take off for the reception for two different looks.


What’s the biggest wedding day challenge couples face?

Trying to stay in the moment. Your wedding day will fly by and you won’t be able to remember every detail, but take five minutes to look around, kiss your partner, hold their hand, and let it all sink in.

What piece of advice would you give brides and grooms to ensure they find the perfect wedding venue?

Go with a venue that can stand on its own without loads of décor. This will ultimately help you save lots of money in the end.


The Bath Club in Miami Beach


What’s your best secret for planning a budget-friendly wedding?

Try to find a wedding venue that lets you bring in your own alcohol! Not all venues offer, but if you can find a venue with a BYOB policy (or a relatively low corkage fee) you’re going to save thousands. Also it never hurts to ask for something you want, such as extras or a discount. The worst thing you’ll hear is “No.”

How have you seen technology make weddings easier or harder?

Technology has made wedding planning SO much easier than even 6 years ago when I got married. From wedding budget calculators and guest seating charts to wedding websites like Joy…we’ve come such a long way in the past couple years even that I can’t wait to see what happens next.

If you had to cover only one part of the wedding industry, which would it be?

Venues, venues, venues! I think finding the right one is the hardest part of planning a wedding. In January we’ll be publishing an exciting new venue feature based on feedback we’ve received from couples, so stay tuned!

If you could plan your wedding all over again, what would you do differently?

While I love DJs, I think I would have opted for a band instead. My husband and I are music nerds and OBSESSED over the wedding playlist, to the point where it honestly was a bit stressful. I also think we picked music that alienated the older crowd a bit. Even though we had a full dance floor all night, in hindsight I would have given up control to a band who knows what ALL of the crowd wants and is able to bring an energy to a room that is hard to beat.


At Joy we believe that even though a wedding lasts a day, joy should last forever. What does that mean to you?

I still remember moments from the wedding like it was yesterday…walking down the aisle with my parents and seeing my husband…dancing with my dad and closest friends… wedding dress shopping with my mom…that make me smile every time I think about them. That joy from your wedding day WILL last forever, and creates a great first memory for you and your spouse as a married couple.

If you weren’t a writing and managing Woman Getting Married, what would you be doing?

I would love to have my own venue one day. After speaking to thousands of brides about what they’re looking for in the perfect venue, I feel like I have a clear idea about what works and what doesn’t. It would be great to create a dream wedding location that couples will remember forever.

Want to learn more about Woman Getting Married? You can find Lindsay on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Instagram.

(All photos by Elliot and Erick Jimenez.)


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