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Inspiration » Wedding Planning » How Many Kids Meals? Answering Those Big Guest List Questions with Joy’s Labels Feature

How Many Kids Meals? Answering Those Big Guest List Questions with Joy’s Labels Feature

by Ariel Dreicer
How Many Kids Meals? Answering Those Big Guest List Questions with Joy’s Labels Feature

Every couple has their own unique way of organizing their guest list. That’s why we created the labels feature for your Joy Guest List. Labels help you answer basic questions like, “Who is in the bridal party?” and “Did we put the Ericsons and the Fullers at Table 9?” But the true beauty of labels comes when you go beyond basics and really get creative. Once you get the hang of it, labels can help you answer almost any question you have about your guest list.

Check out some of our favorite creative uses for labels, then try it out for yourself.

How many kids meals do I need?

Want to know how many kids meals or babysitters you’ll need? Assign ? labels to each guest who’s bringing a little stinker. Then, use ? as a filter to gather up a count to share with your caterer.

guest list labels

Who can help with setup and teardown?

Putting on a wedding requires a lot of work, and helping hands are always welcome. Use labels to mark your friends and family who volunteered to help (or were lovingly coerced into helping) with setup and teardown.

Who’s flying solo?

Having a destination wedding? Track which guests are traveling solo and might want to find a roommate.

Who’s getting a paper invite?

Sending both electronic and paper invites? Keep track of who you’re sending paper invites to by tagging those guests with “Paper Invite”. Then, export their names for your envelopes.

Who’s from out of town?

Use labels to mark who’s local and who’s not. Send out special information to out-of-towners. Or invite the local guests to some low-key pre-wedding events.

Pro tip: You can also use this filter to estimate how many guests will come. Studies say that about 85% of local guests and 55% of out-of-towners can be counted on to attend.

Which airport is everyone flying into?

Are most of your guests out-of-towners? You can use labels to track which airport they’re flying into. Then, use those airport labels as filters to organize carpools.

airports guest list labels

How many guests did Mom invite?

Let’s say you told Mom she could invite 10 (and only 10) friends to the wedding. Add a label for each of “Mom’s friends,” and make sure they all sit at the same table.

Who do I still need to thank?

Everybody’s favorite part of getting married, of course, is writing thank-you notes. Use labels to stay organized throughout the thank-you process. First, tag the people who gave you gifts with ?. Then, add a “Thank-you sent” label to everyone you’ve thanked so far.

gifts thank yous uses for labels guest list

Bring on the wrist cramps!

How are you using labels to organize your guest list? Tell us below!

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